Mist Pre-Alpha Video Review

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In this Mist Pre-Alpha Video Review, we will cover everything you need to know about this Web3 MMORPG on the BNB Smart Chain. Mist has been around for a long time and now, for the first time ever, everyone can access their Pre-Alpha. Besides this, we also looked into the token $MIST and its NFT collections.

How to Play the Pre-Alpha of Mist?

  1. Go to their official website
  2. Click on “Download for Windows” or “Download for MAC” depending on your platform
  3. Download the file
  4. Run the .exe file which will install the launcher
  5. Open the launcher
  6. Click on “Download game”
  7. Click on “Continue playing”

This will take you to the character creation menu where you will be able to create your first character, chose its race, and if you own any class NFTs, play as a specific class. Those who do not own any class NFTs will have to stick with the Adventurer class which is a good all-around hero, but is not specialized in anything.

What is Mist?

Mist is a Web3 MMORPG on the BNB Smart Chain that will bring all World of Warcraft fans a feeling of being at home. There are quests, different monsters to slay, bosses, and dungeons for players to explore. Basically, everything that there is in a traditional MMORPG.

The game already includes different classes but, in order to play as a witch hunter or bard, for example, players must own those classes’ specific NFTs. Nevertheless, players find an NFT class as a drop if they are extremely lucky, while playing as the free class, the Adventurer.

The game also used the $MIST token, capped at 1 billion, which will be the currency of the ecosystem. In other MMORPGs there is the in-game currency gold usually, in Mist there is the $MIST token.

Pre-Alpha Gameplay

In the pre-alpha there is still not that much to do. It is possible to create a character, slay some monsters, go through a quest line and equip different gear. But besides this it is still too empty. There are also some bugs. I was already expecting bugs and lack of content since pre-alphas just have the purpose of testing out some game features and giving the community a glimpse of what the final product will look like.

What I really liked was its WoW-like graphics and background music. Personally, I got bored but I think the team now has the foundation to build a great MMORPG.

Mist Gameplay