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The Sandbox is a virtual world in which players own and customize the 166 thousand different land parcels its made out of. On those land parcels, which are represented as non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, the landowners can do whatever they want: build games, virtual museums or other creative creations.

The world of The Sandbox is made out of voxels. From that perspective it’s very similar to Minecraft. However, in The Sandbox everybody can make a game, can design fashionable characters or earn SAND tokens by completing quests. Everybody in The Sandbox contributes to the game’s ecosystem, and therefore everybody earns rewards. That’s a true play-to-earn business model.

Creating in The Sandbox

The Sandbox provides free tools to create assets. VoxEdit is a free creator to make voxel assets, including for example game characters or non-player characters. Creations made in VoxEdit can be sold on an open and player-driven marketplace, and other people can then use those assets to decorate their lands.

Aside from VoxEdit, The Sandbox has free software GameMaker. This software can be used to make games or other interactive installations. To make these, creators can use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) made with VoxEdit. Once the game installation is complete, all used assets are saved into one ERC-1155 non-fungible token. In essence this means that these interactive creations can also be sold as separate games within The Sandbox.

  • Play and Earn in The Sandbox May Festival

    The Sandbox brings another huge event to their growing ecosystem. The May Festival offers more events, more prizes and also coincides with their latest land sale! The Sandbox brings us their latest major event, known as May Festival. It includes over 70 experiences to play, and 1 million in SAND tokens as rewards! This event […]
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  • The Sandbox Mega City 3 Land Sale

    The Sandbox brings us another land sale! Dubbed the Mega City 3 Land Sale, this event sees over 250 plots up for grabs, with a bundle of of special assets NFTs available for those who purchase premium plots. At some point, The Sandbox will run out of new plots to sell. But we’re not quite […]
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  • Time for the First Sandbox Land Sale of 2023

    It feels like it’s been some time since the last land sale for The Sandbox. But now they’re back, with the first new lands available in 2023! And though the ecosystem for The Sandbox is still in its infancy, land plots are steadily becoming more valuable as the space grows. It won’t be too long […]
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  • Gam3r’s Choice Award Winners Revealed

    Players have voted and selected the winners of the Gam3r’s Choice Awards! With eighteen categories and dozens of nominees, this event brought a lot of gaming communities out to vote for their favorite games. After giving players several weeks to cast their votes across a variety of categories, The Gam3r’s Choice Awards have announced their […]
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  • The Sandbox Hosts WBDD Release Party Event

    The WBDD (World’s Biggest Demo Drop) event from Spinnin’ Records is a big event in the music world, and now they extend their presence to the online, web3 world by opening a special experience in The Sandbox and also releasing the demo winners in-game! The music industry continues to move into the web3 scene. It […]
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  • Build and Earn with VoxEdit and Blankos

    The build and earn segment on web3 gaming continues to gain traction. Today we bring you news of two new build and earn opportunities, one for creating a Sandbox asset with VoxEdit, the other a chance to create a Party for Blankos Block Party. A growing segment of the web3 gaming world has begun to […]
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  • Play and Earn with Sandbox Events

    The Sandbox has reached a point where there is some sort of event happening at any given point in time. Today we bring you no less than three events that you can jump into this month. And all of them offer play and earn opportunities! Where once there was only the Sandbox alpha season, now […]
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  • Sandbox Season’s Greetings Holiday Event

    The Sandbox brings us another major event with thousands of SAND tokens and special NFTs as rewards. Called Season’s Greetings, this event is broken into six distinct parts, each with their own pool of rewards. This holiday spectacular from The Sandbox starts on December 20th and runs through January 3rd, 2023 (1pm UTC), spanning six, […]
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  • New, Beginner Category in Christmas VoxEdit Contest

    VoxEdit brings us another asset creation contest, this one a Christmas themed event! With the competition for these contests becoming more fierce over time, the VoxEdit team added a new, additional ‘Beginner Friendly’ category, with a smaller prize pool. The user created assets available for The Sandbox continue to grow in number and quality. And […]
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  • The Sandbox Warner Music Group Game Jam

    Warner Music Group, the popular American Multinational entertainment company, has partnered with The Sandbox for a new Game Jam event. The Sandbox Game Jams are contests for game designers where winners can earn prizes in $SAND tokens. The Warner Music Group Game Jam will be the last such Game Jam in 2022 and has a […]
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