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Animoca Brands is a gaming company with their headquarters in Hong Kong. They were founded in January 2016 by Yat Siu, and initially focused a lot on mobile games. However, nowadays they are one of the premier companies in the blockchain gaming space. They publish and develop games, acquire studios and invest in promising projects.

Animoca Brands has several subsidiaries, including game studios like for example Pixowl, The Sandbox, nWay, Stryking Entertainment. They also have a partnership with Dapper Labs, the company behind the Flow blockchain, and they have invested in the strategy game Axie Infinity.

The blockchain games company is the organization behind a variety of crypto tokens. They use REVV for their racing games, including MotoGP Ignition and F1 Delta Time. Then there’s SAND, which is the main currency for The Sandbox. In addition they are working with other subsidiaries on more tokens, like GAMEE and LYMPO.

  • Play to Earn Games to Watch in December

    The final month of 2023 is upon us. And what a ride it has been this year! With a near steady stream of game releases and updates, and a crypto market that seems to be in an uptrend, things are looking good for a resurgence of web3 gaming! But growing pains may still shake some […]
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  • Earn Realm Points with Moca ID In Pixels

    In another cross-game promotion, Animoca Brands is teaming up with Pixels to let anyone with a Moca ID earn Realm Points by completing a few introductory quests in this multiplayer farming game. On top of that, those with a Moca NFT can also now use it as their unique, in-game avatar! Animoca Brands is everywhere […]
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  • Animoca Brands and Ubisoft Announce Partnership

    Partnerships seem to be the hot item this month, as we have yet another announcement of cooperation between web2 and web3 organizations, in this case, Animoca Brands and Ubisoft! Ubisoft recently announced their foray into web3 gaming with Champions Tactics, a strategy game currently in development. Now they kick things up a notch by partnering […]
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  • Wreck League Opens With Inaugural Tournament

    The time has come to assemble your Mechs and battle for glory and a top spot on the leaderboards as Wreck League opens their inaugural leaderboard tournament! With over 1.4 quadrillion possible combinations of Mech parts, each mech fighter will be different, and every combat a different experience! Just announced recently, Wreck League is already […]
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  • Play to Mint a Beastie with Arc8

    A new play and mint opportunity arises as Arc8, launches the Beastie collection, companions that players must grow and evolve from an egg. Once they reach maximum level, Beasties can even be minted into an NFT! Who wants a Beastie? These free to own, play to mint creatures provide various bonuses to their owners and […]
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  • Animoca Brands Receives $20 Million in Funding for Mocaverse

    Animoca Brands announced a new round of fundraising that brought in $20 million dollars to invest into the Mocaverse! More than just a PFP collection, the Mocas are a centerpoint of the future of Animoca Brands. And this funding round specifically devoted to the Mocaverse further proves that point! The Mocaverse just wrapped up their […]
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  • Excavate for Relics in Mocaverse Cosmic Hunt

    A new game has arrived in the Mocaverse, one that includes a ‘Cosmic’ treasure hunt for Relics which contain prizes, including rare NFTs! Participation is free, but you will need to own a Moca NFT who has accumulated some experience points. A new mini-game for Moca holders comes to the Mocaverse! Known as the Cosmic […]
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  • Yuga and Animoca Announce Wreck League

    Animoca Brands announces a new game called Wreck League, with a planned season one collaboration with Yuga Labs. Featuring Street Fighter style combat with completely customizable Mech fighters, Wreck League promises to bring in new partnerships with themed items every season! Wreck League, a new PvP fighting game with customizable Mechs, was announced by Animoca […]
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  • Last Chance for Skyborne Legacy Free Mint

    A free mint from Skyborne Legacy is coming up soon, but the window for landing a whitelist spot is closing fast! This mint for limited edition, special Gems and characters, has gained quite a bit of attention, and will likely be snatched up quickly. The Skyborne Legacy mint is free, but you need a whitelist […]
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  • Phantom Galaxies Opens Phase 2 of Beta 2

    Following up on their very successful series of Alpha playtests, Phantom Galaxies opened up their first Beta Phase a little over a month ago to a very small set of their players. Now, after a few weeks of testing, they are ready to expand this phase to include a larger playerbase, though you still need […]
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