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Animoca Brands is a gaming company with their headquarters in Hong Kong. They were founded in January 2016 by Yat Siu, and initially focused a lot on mobile games. However, nowadays they are one of the premier companies in the blockchain gaming space. They publish and develop games, acquire studios and invest in promising projects.

Animoca Brands has several subsidiaries, including game studios like for example Pixowl, The Sandbox, nWay, Stryking Entertainment. They also have a partnership with Dapper Labs, the company behind the Flow blockchain, and they have invested in the strategy game Axie Infinity.

The blockchain games company is the organization behind a variety of crypto tokens. They use REVV for their racing games, including MotoGP Ignition and F1 Delta Time. Then there’s SAND, which is the main currency for The Sandbox. In addition they are working with other subsidiaries on more tokens, like GAMEE and LYMPO.

  • Play and Earn With Mocaverse and Arc8

    Mocaverse brings a special play and earn event to Arc8 for those holding Moca or Realm Ticket NFTs. Prizes include G-Bot NFTs, MATIC tokens, and the mysterious Realm Ticket Miles (RTM)! Animoca Brands keeps the action coming with a special tournament for those holding their Mocaverse NFTs. And though the main reward pool goes to […]
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  • Play to Earn Games to Watch in April

    With the first quarter of 2023 behind us we look ahead to April. And the web3 gaming scene, particularly anything to do with mobile gaming, feels poised to launch itself to the forefront of online video games! Here are a few games to watch in April. I’m declaring April the Month of Mobile for web3 […]
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  • Mocaverse Reveals Moca NFTs and Experience System

    The Mocaverse quickly kicks into gear! Not even three weeks out from their NFT mint, the Moca NFTs have been revealed, utility cases have been added, and an experience system implemented. And accordingly, this PFP collection of wacky characters has also shot up in value! Fresh off the mint of their Moca PFP collection, Animoca […]
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  • Life Beyond Closing Founder Key and Jacket Mints

    Life Beyond announced that they will be closing the mints for their Founder Keys and Agent Zero Jackets on March 17th. After that, they will never sell these specific NFTs again! As Life Beyond prepares to move forward with their 2023 development plans, they have decided to close down the minting of new Founder Keys […]
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  • Gam3r’s Choice Award Winners Revealed

    Players have voted and selected the winners of the Gam3r’s Choice Awards! With eighteen categories and dozens of nominees, this event brought a lot of gaming communities out to vote for their favorite games. After giving players several weeks to cast their votes across a variety of categories, The Gam3r’s Choice Awards have announced their […]
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  • The Red Village First Look

    The Red Village has as partners Animoca Brands and it is being built by Blowfish Studios, so it is about time we do a first look at this dark-fantasy fighting game. The Red Village is a dark-fantasy gaming ecosystem on the Polygon Blockchain. The game has different game modes and already includes a large community. […]
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  • Benji Bananas Launches Season 5

    One of the most active web3 games currently available, Benji Bananas, heads into season 5 of their web3-enabled, mobile game, allowing players to compete for spots on the leaderboard and earn PRIMATE tokens in the process! Interestingly, Benji Bananas did not begin as a web3 game. In fact, they launched in 2013 as a standard […]
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  • Animoca Brands announces the Mocaverse

    Animoca Brands announces their official PFP NFT Collection, The Mocaverse. The Mocaverse is a collection of 8,888 NFTs, called Mocas, that will be released in Q1 of 2023. Moca holders will benefit from a variety of unique perks. Mocaverse is designed to create a stronger bond between Animoca Brands’ group companies. The leader in digital […]
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  • Aurory Adds Rank-Based Matchmaking and Rewards

    The Aurory team heard the community and added Rank-Based Matchmaking and Rewards. Players will now experience fair matches against opponents of the same level. Besides this, OKA and TOKE will be earned based on the winning player’s current position on the ladder. OKA and TOKE can be converted into $AURY every week. Matches are now […]
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  • SWEAR London’s NFTs in Life Beyond

    Fashion arrives in the web3 gaming industry as SWEAR London’s first NFTs launch in Life Beyond. This event is a result of a partnership between Darewise, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands and the company responsible for developing Life Beyond, SWEAR London, and Skyinvaders, a tech company focused on digital fashion in the metaverse. As a […]
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