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Aurory Beta Video Review

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In this Aurory Video Review we will cover everything that is new in the Open Beta which just started. Now every player can play and earn tokens in multiplayer mode. This is the opportunity many players were waiting for to get a head start in this Solana game.

How to play?

  1. Head to Aurory’s Official Website
  2. Click on ‘Play Game’
  3. Click on ‘Play tactics’
  4. Connect a Solana Wallet like Phantom
  5. Enjoy Aurory Open Beta

About Aurory

Aurory is a Tactical Turn-Based RPG on the Solana Blockchain. Before the last update, only players holding an Aurorian NFT or 500 $AURY could play the game. Now, everyone can access it and earn some tokens.

The gameplay is genuinely AAA quality. It is identical to games like Voxie Tactics but, in my opinion, a bit better. Players start each match by choosing three Nefties, the magical creatures players use in battle. Each Neftie has different characteristics that make it unique and suit a specific playstyle. The goal is to take down the opponent’s Neftie team.

When it comes to graphics they are mind-blowing. I really like the Japanese style of every character, the animations, and the special effects. What is even more mind-blowing is the fact that it is a browser game, and it runs smoothly.

NFTs, Tokens and Play-and-Earn

Aurory is a web3 game and it has a crypto token $AURY, two in-game tokens, OKA and TOKE, and a few NFT Collections. Let’s start with $AURY. $AURY can be staked for an APR and used in the marketplace to buy NFTs like Nefties. OKA and TOKE are the tokens earned in multiplayer and can be converted to $AURY.

Then Aurory is a Free-to-Play game. But those who do not own an NFT Neftie can only earn TOKE, while those who own this asset can also earn OKA while they have energy. Energy replenishes every day. So, NFT Nefties can give players different creatures to play with besides the available options for F2P players and, on top of that, higher rewards when winning a match.

Then there are the Aurorians which will give the following benefits to holders:

  • They are PFPs
  • They are playable characters when the game is released
  • NFT Airdrops
  • Early access to future game modes
  • Early access to land sales
  • Boosted rewards

Then there are other items that exist in the form of NFTs like Skins, Eggs and Collectibles.

Personally, I had a great time playing it and it is a game I recommend to all RPG lovers. Definitely one of the best projects we have in Web3 Gaming.

Aurory Gameplay
Aurory Gameplay