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Town Star Legendary Crate Sale

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The first day of a special sale of Legendary TradeBot Crates begins today. Open first for operators of Town Star Nodes, these crates contain everything needed to create a TradeBot, 200 parts in all!

Town Star brings us a sale for Legendary TradeBot Crates, with a very special deal for their active, Town Star Node Operators! Visit the Town Star store to participate.

Legendary TradeBot Crate Sale

Only 580 of these crates are available during this sale. And the price is a mere $5 for active Node Operators. That’s right, only $5! This sale is designed as a special reward to those owning and actively operating game nodes for Town Star.

Legendary TradeBot crate
Legendary TradeBot crate

Now, that price is only for those flagged as active node operators. To be considered active, a Town Star node operator must have run their node for at least 10 different days in November, for at least six hours on each of those days. Operators who do not qualify as active have to pay $500 per Crate. And if any are left for the public sale, those will go for $1500 each!

The sale for active Town Star Node Operators begins on December 23rd, 1pm PST, and runs for 24 hours. After that, on December 24th, the remaining inventory becomes available to all Town Star Node Operators, also for 24 hours. And then finally, on December 25th, 1pm PT, any Crates still unsold become available to the public. For each stage of this sale, participants may only purchase one Crate total. Payments accepted in GALA, TOWN, or with a credit card.

Reportedly, Town Star saw 1400 active nodes last month, so this may sell out quickly. The parts needed to create a TradeBot include over 200 individual NFTs, all of which you will find in this crate. We don’t know exactly what a TradeBot does in-game, but if it requires that many parts, you have to imagine it must be quite useful!

The Gala Games ecosystem continues to offer new rewards to their node operators. And while purchasing a Gala Games Founder’s Node is out of reach for most people, a lot of the game-specific node licenses are still reasonably priced.

Town Star

About Town Star

Town Star is a competitive farming game running on the Gala blockchain. Beginning with a plot of land and a little bit of money, players build up farms, factories, and many other types of buildings, selling excess goods for profit. Leaderboards track the top player, with bi-weekly competitions.

The aim of the game is to develop the most efficient and productive town possible through growing, gathering, and crafting. Players can use NFTs in their towns to enhance their productivity or place special buildings. Town Star features some intricate placement strategy as proximity to other buildings or terrain can affect building production. For example, both buildings and mountains create shade and wind block, which affect crops and wind-based buildings, respectively.

The TOWN token rewards for Town Star are currently on hold while the team retools their game economy though they still host regular contests. You can follow Town Star on Twitter and join their Discord for more info.

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