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Moonville Farms Supernova Maxi NFT Airdrop

Moonville Farms Supernova Maxi NFT Aidrop

Moonville Farms is rewarding the early birds with a Supernova Maxi NFT Airdrop now that the pre-alpha phase has come to an end. Public alpha is right around the corner and all Sigil NFT holders will get Supernova Maxi NFTs airdropped to their Myria wallets. These NFTs will play a role in a special raffle

Finally, everyone will be able to play Moonville Farms soon! To celebrate, the team gave all farmers the unique opportunity to stack up on some Moonville NFTs through the Solar Festival. This event has ended already as Moonville Farms prepares for an official launch.

The rewards for the weekly raffles have been distributed, and the airdrop for the Supernova Maxi NFTs (used in the Supernova Raffle) has begun.

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The Supernova Raffle

The Supernova Raffle will be open only to those who hold the Supernova Maxi NFT. There was a snapshot on October 4th at 17:00 (GMT+8:00). All of those who held a Myria Alliance Sigil NFT will receive up to 5 Supernova Maxi NFTs. These NFTs can then be burned to enter the Supernova Raffle.

The amount of Super Nova Maxi NFTs Sigil holders will get is listed below:

  • Common Sigil – 1 Supernova Maxi NFT
  • Rare Sigil – 2 Supernova Maxi NFT
  • Ultra Rare – 5 Supernova Maxi NFT

We don’t know exactly what the rewards are for the Supernova Raffle, but supposedly they will be rarer and offer greater bonuses than the rewards from the weekly raffles.

What is Moonville Farms?

Moonville Farms is a farming game on Myria’s ecosystem. Players have to choose a location, start their farming empires from scratch, harvest resources in the most efficient way possible, trade, and get ahead of the competition. After the global timer reaches 0, every farm will reset. At that point, players will earn prizes based on their performance.

Its economy and game loops are identical to the GALA title Town Star. It is a farming game, but, unlike games of the same genre, it requires players to take strategic decisions. Examples of this are the location of the farm, or which resources to trade, or even the proximity of some buildings to other buildings! Also, there is a lot to think about when it comes to optimizing a farm in this game.

It is a game that I recommend for all genre lovers. It is still in its early days but it already shows a lot of potential in the industry. If this is your first time hearing about Moonville Farms I am going to leave you a video done by the team.

Moonville Farms Tutorial