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The WinterVerse arrived at Voxie Tactics

Voxie Tactics WinterVerse

The WinterVerse arrived at Voxie Tactics and players can count on new weapons, new arenas, gifts, and many more surprises. This event will run from December 8th to January 3rd. It will be a great opportunity for players to get new NFTs to gear up their Voxies. And for the lucky ones, there is a 7% chance in every gift to get the brand new pet Reindeer!

Santa Claus arrived earlier at Voxie Tactics by bringing the WinterVerse to its players. The team does not stop refining this Turned Based Tactical RPG with Minecraft-like graphics. Every month new content and fixes are added to the game and December was no exception.

With the WinterVerse players can count on the following:

  • New Weapons that can be obtained at the forge and by winning PvP matches
  • New Snowy Arenas
  • Holiday gifts that can be obtained in PvP and unwrapped in the Forge
  • New Reindeer pet (7% chance when opening a gift)
  • Bugfixes and updates that will increase the stability of multiplayer matches and item minting
  • New recipes
  • Battlepass

Since new items were just added to the game this might be the perfect opportunity to farm NFTs and stack up some $VOXEL tokens. With gifts, the chance to get a reward, besides $VOXEL, after each win also increased.

12 Days of Voxie Giveaways

On top of this, the team is also organizing 12 days of giveaways on Voxie’s Twitter.

Voxie Tactics Giveaway Event
Voxie Tactics Giveaway Event

All users have to do is follow Voxie on Twitter, retweet the tweet that corresponds to the current day of the event, tag two friends, and add the tag #12DaysofVoxies. Every day the reward pool will change. So far participants already earned consumables that players can use to recover health, mana, or to remove a bad status from a Voxie during a match. Right now it is the 2nd day of the giveaway event where the prize is an Epic Crystal that can be used in the Forge.

What’s Voxie Tactics?

Voxie Tactics falls into the Tactical Turned-Based RPG genre. It is also a web3 game because it interacts with the Polygon Blockchain and has NFTs and the token $VOXEL in its ecosystem. Its gameplay is identical to Final Fantasy Tactics but with a graphical style similar to Minecraft.

Each player starts a match with three Voxies, the game’s characters. Each Voxie has stats and different skills. Voxies also have gear that can be equipped before each battle or swapped during the match. Every turn players can move with each one of their Voxies and do one action, and after that action, the Voxie will remain idle until it is its turn again.

When it comes to its Web3 elements Voxie Tactics has as NFTs:

  • Voxies
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Pet
  • Battlepass

And it has the token $VOXEL which is the utility and governance token of the game. By winning PvP matches, players earn $VOXEL and if they are lucky, also an NFT. The game will include PvE options in the future.

If you want to know more about Voxie Tactics watch the video we have about the project.

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