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Aurory Introduces Play and Earn Rewards

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Aurory, a creature battler style game on the Solana blockchain, introduces their new play and earn system. Active players can earn weekly AURY tokens, based on their performance in the closed alpha.

In Aurory, players capture and hatch creatures known as Nefties. Then, using those Nefties, they engage in battles, both against an AI opponent and other players. Aurory is currently in closed alpha, accessible to only a limited number of players. And to encourage a more active playerbase, Aurory just introduced a new play and earn system, allowing players to earn weekly drops of AURY tokens just by playing the game.

Aurory play and earn infographic
Aurory play and earn infographic

By engaging in battles in Aurory Tactics, players earn the in-game tokens OKA and TOKE. Each Neftie has a limit on how much OKA they can earn per day. OKA is only distributed to those with Neftie NFTs, but everyone can earn TOKE tokens. However, OKA has a better conversion rate to AURY tokens.

Then, at some point in the middle of the week, the accumulated tokens will be converted to AURY tokens from the rewards pool. Luckily, the team put together a handy infographic to explain the mechanics behind the conversions.

Aurory also implemented a new MMR matchmaking system and reset the leaderboards to give everyone afresh start. This is an important update for Aurory, as they plan to hold large PvP tournaments at the end of every game Season, and want to build Aurory into a notable eSport.

This latest update includes user interface improvements, new player profile pages, some updated Nefty stats, and a new Nefty. Read the official patch notes for the full details.

More About Aurory

Aurory is a free to play, play and earn game. Players can purchase Nefties from the NFT markets, though they can also find eggs during their adventures. Players then pay a fee in AURY tokens to hatch eggs in the incubator.

For those holding Aurory Nefties, you can currently send them on Expeditions via the website. This is a pseudo staking system and gives holders a chance to earn rewards before the game launch.

Unlike most creature battlers, Aurory is a turn-based strategy game. Players deploy their Nefties, use action cards, and try to defeat their opponent on a slowing shrinking battlefield. Aurory will feature, seasonal, story-based PvE content, and PvP leaderboards as well. New seasons could also introduce new regions, creatures, characters, and even new game rules!

Aurory plans to build an entire game world with land ownership, dungeons, items, Neftie upgrades, and more.

To learn more about Aurory, check out their website, join their Discord, and follow them on Twitter.

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