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A First Look into Aurory, an RPG on Solana

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Over the past few months I’ve had a couple of chances to cover Aurory, but in the end I’ve never written about this play-to-earn role playing game on the Solana blockchain. That’s obviously a pity, and something I will now make up for. This article serves as an introduction int Aurory, and an effort to quickly update our readers about the game.

For starters, Aurory isn’t one of those new GameFi projects riding the hype. They started publicly tweeting and promoting themselves since April, already did an NFT sale, and are now building their project. Aurory describes itself as a PVE and PVP gaming project using NFTs on Solana. However, we feel that description doesn’t work well enough. It’s more like an NFT-powered ecosystem for a tactical battle game.

What Aurory has sold so far are basically avatar NFTs on the Solana blockchain, but these also serve as your character inside the game world. Aurory takes place in a world called Antik, where creatures called Nefties live. You need to recruit Nefties into your team, each of them being an NFT. Then you can level them up through battles. To find more Nefties, players need to travel through the game world.

More about PVE and PVP in Aurory

The world of Aurory will offer all kinds of quests, and new ones will be added on a regular basis. These quests will take players to new locations, and perhaps allow them to find new Nefties. There are all kinds of Nefties, some with a strong attack, while others serve as support or tank roles. You got it, while battling you will use three Nefties, shaping your team and tactics to outmatch the opponent.

PVE is all about venturing into the wild, doing adventures and so on. When it comes to PVP Aurory offers duels, ranked tournaments and other game modes. Placement of Nefties on the battlefield, and the synergy between these Nefties will be crucial for your tactics in battle. Nefties won’t unlock their full potential until you’ve leveled them up and they acquired all their powers.

Some tournaments will require players to stake AURY, the native token of Aurory. Monthly tournaments will reward players from a prize pool, while even spectators can earn rewards. Perhaps this will be a new take for esports? The bigger tournament in Aurory is the yearly Championship Tour. During this tournament you can win a lot, but losing Nefties will be lost forever. Players will need a golden ticket to join this tournament.

AURY and play-to-earn

Aurory uses a currency called AURY, we mentioned it before. However, Aurory is in essence a free-to-play game. Every player will get one creature, and the solo game mode will unlock more NFTs as players progress. Going through the story, players will earn AURY when finishing a chapter, while players can also earn AURY through PVP.

In turn players can simple sell off the AURY through an exchange, like for example Serum. However, they can also decide to invest their earnings in better equipment and better Nefties. Simply go to the marketplace, and discover what you can buy using your holdings. A part of the spendings goes back into the ecosystem to users staking their holdings or for PVP rewards.

Interested? Why not check out their litepaper? They also have a character builder to play with, even though you can’t mint anything right now.

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