What’s Up With Aurory? Watch Our Video Update

Aurory is one of the most hyped project on the Solana blockchain and the team has been working hard on the development for quite a while. They recently launched a demo gameplay mode that allows you to access a DEX, their marketplace and send your NFTs on missions. We thought that it was a good time to review the project, where it is at and what to expect next. Bruno, the stage is yours!

In the video, Bruno reviews the overall project, jumps into the newly released demo and discuss about the different NFTs and tokenomics of the project. If you like the content, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all our videos directly into your YouTube feed.

Aurory and play-to-earn

Aurory uses a currency called $AURY. However, Aurory is in essence a free-to-play game. Every player will get one creature, and the solo game mode will unlock more NFTs as players progress. Going through the story, players will earn AURY when finishing a chapter, while players can also earn AURY through PVP.

In turn, players can simply sell off the AURY through an exchange, like for example Raydium. However, they can also decide to invest their earnings in better equipment and better Nefties. Simply go to the marketplace, and discover what you can buy using your holdings. A part of the spending goes back into the ecosystem to users staking their holdings or for PVP rewards.

You can learn more about the project on the official website and read the whitepaper here.