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Big Time Opens Alpha to SPACE Holders

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No longer is access to the Big Time alpha open only to Pass holders. Now, anyone who owns a SPACE NFT can join in the fun, every Thursday night. This playable alpha test already lets players gather NFTs while testing early game builds.

Want to play in the Big Time alpha but don’t own an access pass? Well, your answer is now here in the form of SPACE Thursdays! Beginning on October 13th, 2022, and recurring on every Thursday at 8pm EDT, Big Time will open their alpha to SPACE holders.

You will need to purchase your SPACE before the event starts. SPACE is a combination of land and housing. Players craft game items in their SPACE, and can upgrade it with various add-ons and bonuses. The larger the SPACE, the more slots it has for additions. Rarer SPACEs produce rarer items. Sizes range from Small to Large and rarity levels from Rare to Exalted. Players can even combine multiple SPACEs to make a larger crafting area.

And while the game still isn’t free to access, acquiring a SPACE ($60) is much cheaper than the lowest priced Pass ($225). And by purchasing a SPACE you get access to the alpha, plus a game NFT that will have ongoing utility.

Spaces and Passes are both available on the new Open Loot platform.

Big Time Spaces for sale
Big Time Spaces for sale

Launched in the Spring of 2022, Big Time has already been in alpha playtest for some time, with regular patches for bugs and balance. Also, alpha players can already acquire game NFTs that can be traded or sold outside of the game.

About Big Time RPG game

Big Time is a fantasy, MMORPG game about hunting monsters, slaying beasts, and gathering loot. Players can adventure in teams of up to six players or solo. The action is fast-paced, with players often wading through large groups of enemies. The adventures are instanced, each existing in its own space. Each one generally features a number of objectives with a big boss to defeat at the end.

Big Time features the usual triumvirate of tank, healer, damage dealer, with four classes to choose from — Time Warrior, Quantum Fixer, Chronomancer, and Shadow Blade. And though the adventures are exclusive to the party, there is an open social hub with merchants and such.

Players can find NFT items on adventures, or craft them using their SPACE, a crafting/housing NFT. Items may also be customized to enhance the stats that the player prefers.

Big Time has an interesting system that allows players to level up with multiple classes. Players have Pocket Watches, which keep track of their progress in each class. Players can use these watches to switch classes at any time. This lets players experience all of the different characters, without the annoyance of logging in and out and maintaining separate inventories.

Big Time is currently in closed alpha, available to those with Silver, Gold, and Ruby Passes, and those who own a SPACE NFT. For a full review and guide, read our Big Time review here.

Big Time development timeline
Big Time development timeline
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