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Earth From Another Sun – EFAS – Video Review

Earth From Another Sun (aka EFAS) just released its demo and, after testing it out, I can say that it is a game that will change NFT Gaming forever. In this review, I will show players how to get started and will review the Blockchain layer of EFAS.

How to Play Earth From Another Sun?

Earth from Another Sun has two different versions:

Players can access Earth From Another Sun’s demo on Steam for free until October 17th. On this version, it will be possible to earn a skin until the end date of the demo by completing all the daily quests of the day three times. This skin is not an NFT.

For NFT holders, the game to be accessed should be the web3 version of EFAS, which is available on the Elixir Launcher. Besides all the perks this NFT will grant, there will be holder-exclusive events. EFAS backers have access to both versions.

For more information and to get started, head over to

The NFT Companion which is being sold on Fractal
The NFT Companion which is being sold on Fractal

About EFAS – Earth From Another Sun

Earth From Another Sun is a mix of Role Playing, FPS, Strategy, and Space SciFi. Players will need to move their main ship in a large futuristic cosmos where they will eventually find NPCs to interact with, enemies to fight and resources to harvest.

Exploration mode
Exploration mode

Interacting with NPCs or harvesting resources will be done in Exploration mode. When fighting, with space pirates for example, the fight will occur in an instance. Here, the game will be played in first-person mode and players will experience fast-paced action combat.

First Person Shooter mode

Here is where the strategy element of EFAS comes in. In some of these fights, players will be able to control their personal army by giving strategic orders like defending a place or engaging the enemy.

When it comes to customizing the main ship and character there are a lot of options. To become stronger, players must equip different gear which will give certain advantages in battle.

To get new gear, new units to command, and new items to use players will have to craft. Raw materials can be used to craft items that can be used in battle.