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Big Time Early Access Pass Redemption Starts on April 19th for Gold Pass Holders

Big Time Early Access Launch for Golden Pass Holders

Big Time Studios, the creator of the highly anticipated action RPG game Big Time, has announced their early access launch schedule for Gold Pass Holders. The Gold Pass redemption will start on April 19, 2022 and players will be able to access the first beta version of the game.

There are 4 types of VIP passes in Big Time – Gold, Silver, Jade and Ruby. The passes were sold $499, $299, and $179, respectively. Ruby Passes are not being sold but given away to active members of the community. The passes can now be purchased on OpenSea or on the Big Time marketplace.

The early access pass will allow players to access limited edition features and exclusive NFT drops. There are four tiers of the Early Access Pass in respect to the VIP passes, which are as follows:

  • Gold: Get access to NFT drops from week 1 to week 10 with Insane, Mega, Great, and Normal drop rates.
  • Silver: Get access to NFT drops from week 5 onwards with Mega, Great, and Normal drop rates.
  • Jade: Get access to NFT drops from week 8 onwards with Great and Normal drop rates.
  • Ruby: The lowest of all, you get access in week 10 only.

How to buy and redeem your Big Time Early Access Pass?

If you are not a pass holder, you will need to purchase a pass on OpenSea or on the Big Time NFT marketplace. Once the redemption date for your pass level is here, you will need to redeem access by connecting your wallet to the Big Time website. You cannot redeem the early access passes before the redemption date. Redeeming an early access pass burns the NFT and grants your account early access to the game.

Big Time Gold, Silver, and Jade Passes on OpenSea

At the time of writing, the floor prices for the passes are around 1.7 ETH for a Gold pass, 0.3 for Silver, and 0.09 for Jade.

About Big Time RPG game

Big Time is a blockchain-based RPG game that requires you to join a team and hunt monsters. The game has unique in-game items such as customized weaponry and clothes. 

Big Time has a system known as Timelines which allows you to level up a character in multiple classpaths. There are three classes Warrior, Chronomancer, and ShadowblasePlayers can get new equipment, mounts, pets, titles, ranks, etc., throughout the game. Players can customize their time machine, travel around the map, and collect NFTs every time the team completes a milestone. 

The game’s storyline is based on a mission to fight famous historical figures and uncover a mysterious threat. You can trade NFTs with other players in the game with items bought from the marketplace. The game will be available on PC in early 2022.

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