Big Time Guide: How to Play, Features, Pros and Cons

Big Time is a multiplayer action RPG set in a fictional land called Time’s End. Here, players form groups and defeat enemies to earn rewards and uncover the doings of a seemingly heroic organization.

Quick facts

  • Big Time is an MMO RPG similar to World of Warcraft and Runescape.
  • It’s built on the Ethereum blockchain and currently runs only on Windows.
  • The game has great gameplay and distributes tokens in-game instead of holding sales.

Big Time Review

What is Big Time?

Big Time is a role-playing game set on Time’s End. Players form a party of six to complete missions in dungeons and earn NFTs and tokens, which they can sell on marketplaces for cryptocurrencies.

History of Big Time

Like other blockchain games, Big Time’s devs wanted players to have fun with their friends and enjoy the fantastic gameplay while progressing through the game without wasting too much money.

The game’s dev team consists of some big names in the gaming industry. The founding team comprises Ari Meilich (CEO and Ex-founder of Decentraland), Thor Alexander (CPO and Co-founder, Ex-VP of Production at Decentraland,) and Matthew Tonks (CTO, who worked with big names like Fortnite and Gears of War.)

Big Time’s BETA version is set to launch sometime this year, but until then, interested players need to buy passes to access the game.

How does Big Time work?

Players start at Time’s End, a planet that is home to millions of refugees that escaped the deadly time attack, which caused ripples through space and almost destroyed it.

They go on quests in parties of six to collect rewards and tokens that they can exchange on marketplaces to earn crypto.

Big Time Beta Video Review

Big Time NFTs

Here are the NFT categories available on Big Time.

Big Time Game

1. Time Warriors

These tanks take the brunt of the opponent’s attacks, so your other teammates stay safe. They have a unique buff that increases the other players’ HP within their range and recovers a portion of it every time they get hit.

Time Warriors also boast the greatest potential damage, and it’s recommended that you have at least one in your party.

2. Quantum Fixers

These are the game’s healers and cast skills that can boost the attack, movement speed, magic damage, mitigation, cool down reduction, and energy regeneration of their allies.

They can also reduce the enemies’ evasion, dodging, and blocking rates so their allies can deal damage to their teams quickly.

These can also revive and heal all allies within a certain range, so ensure you’ve got at least one fixer on your team in high-level dungeons.

3. Chronomancers

The chronomancers are the mage class that deal with multiple enemies at once. Their attacks deal damage over time and slow down enemies within a certain radius so your allies can hit enemies safely or dodge their attacks.

They also deal long-range attacks that can amplify the damage, but the only downside is that their defense is very low, so they need to be protected by frontline troops like Time Warriors.

4. Shadowbladers

Shadowbladers are similar to ninjas and focus on dealing high damage within a short period. They also possess certain skills that increase their melee damage, killing enemies with a single blow.

This warrior class also boasts the highest speed in the game, allowing them to scout the entire area and finish objectives quickly. The only caveat is that they have low defense, so you should be cautious using them.
Big Time tokens explained

In addition to their collection value, Big Time tokens can also be used to purchase ultra-rare and exclusive NFTs within the game, speed up crafting time, and repair damaged and depleted items.

Big Time price

Players need at least $10 to purchase a pass and start the game.

Big Time Game

Big Time players have to engage in battles across history, defeat enemies, and undertake dangerous quests to earn tokens. But there are a few prerequisites to become a token hunter.

Step 1: Acquire SPACE in-game or through the marketplace to place a time-keeper portal.

Step 2: Unlock a time-keeper portal in-game or buy one from the marketplace to summon the time-keeper.

Step 3: Gathering tokens requires using a special item called an hourglass. So, collect this item in-game or purchase it on the Big Time marketplace.

Step 4: Now, you can start hunting for tokens in the game.

Step 5: Visit the time-keeper to replenish your hourglass as it’s not unlimited.

Since the tokens will be a highly sought commodity, the game creators decided to keep the token community-driven and made it so that players can collect the tokens only within the game.

How to play Big Time

Your mission in Big Time is to uncover a mysterious threat that’s tearing down time and collapsing history itself. And if that sounds interesting, here’s an overview of what you can expect to see in the game and how you can play it.
The game world

As time begins dying and destroying planets across space, everyone flees to the last refuge in the universe known as TIME’S END.

Soon, the planet becomes overpopulated, and a company called PARADOX CORPORATE takes charge to fix this scenario.

They start selling TIMESHARES – pockets of universes in which anything is possible. You can visit dinosaurs, stalk Samurais in feudal Japan, and more if you’re willing to pay the price.

Paradox becomes the most successful company of all time until one day, trouble starts brewing. Residents start blaming the company for messing with time. But the company denies any involvement in the matter.

Unwilling to surrender to fate, the greatest minds in history join forces and start EVERMORE ACADEMY– an institution dedicated to the defense of time. Albert Einstein, the famed scientist, serves as headmaster and assembles the greatest heroes ever known to tackle the issue.

This is where you, the player, come in. You play as a time traveler and get your own Time Machine which can be personalized and decorated according to your preferences.

Also, you can choose weapons and armor from different eras to use in battle.

Big Time Game

The game characters

Big Time consists of many famous figures as heroes and boasts numerous villains. Here are some of them:


Broken clockies: These are one of the first enemies you’ll encounter in the game, and they’re characterized by their red eyes and menacing demeanors.

Big Time Game

Guardian XL: A behemoth created to supervise the clockies, these robots possess a two-ton hammer and incredible defense systems that can withstand blows from almost any weapon.

Powering these robots are magnetars, neutron stars whose power can keep these robots functioning for more than 1000 years.

Big Time Game

The blight: These are insectoid alien-like creatures that attack in hives and are a constant source of annoyance for adventurers.

Some adventurers mistake them for mindless killing machines, but they exhibit high intelligence levels and coordinate attacks with low-level telepathy.

Big Time Game

The underlings: A cross between cats and toads, these creatures are scavengers that hunt in hoards to overcome their prey.

There are even rumors of a larger, more lethal variant, but you’ll have to play the game to find out if they’re true.

Big Time Game

Captain Che Gearvara: This captain commands an army of zealous machines ranging from clockies to advanced military mechs to fight for the liberation of robots.

Big Time Game


Einstein: As mentioned earlier, Einstein is the headmaster of Evermore academy and is a charming, affable persona determined to raise warriors that will save time and space.

Big Time Game

Merlin: He’s the most powerful wizard to have ever lived and a force to be reckoned with at Evermore.

Big Time Game

Apart from these characters, the game has Joane of Arc, Billy the Kid, Gengis Khan and Boudica.

Big Time Game

Game mechanics

To play the game, you must venture into portals (you’ll find these as you keep walking through Water Town) and complete the recommended mission to win.

Big Time Game

Once you’ve entered a portal, you’ll have to gather all players and assemble at the indestructible “Tree of life” (which heals all players within its radius) to receive your first mission.

Note: Although you can jump into the game solo, Big Time recommends that you form a party of six players with different character classes to win the game. (If you can’t find five other players, the game also gives you the option to play with AI players to get started easily.)

Big Time Game

As you kill enemies, your stats improve, and you level up within the game. If you have a pocket watch gear, you can switch weapons and upgrade them while you’re playing the game.

Big Time Game

If your health points go to zero within the game, you won’t be dead right away. Instead, you’ll enter a Down But Not Out (DBNO) state for 60 seconds, during which your teammates can revive you.

Even if you and other players are dead within the game, the last standing player can find a shrine within a dungeon to revive all of them. However, you can only use each shrine once, so use them wisely.

Big Time Game

To locate enemies quickly, you can also use the compass on top to locate your teammates and the marked targets.

Big Time Game

If you’re lucky, you can also get NFT loots within the game, which you can use to level up your fighting.

Big Time Game

How to get ahead in the game

The game’s premise is simple– as you kill more bad guys, you get more XP which helps you progress to the next level.

Big Time Game

Whenever you reach a new level, the game awards you two stat points and one skill point. You can use these skill points to unlock new skills (actions or attacks your avatar is capable of) and upgrade existing skills or stat points to unlock new armor and equipment.

Big Time Game

Another way to expand your skill tree (shown above) is to buy a pocket watch gear that you get as loot drops from killing enemies in battle.

Game economics

In the past, players had to purchase skins and items from non-playable characters (NPCs) within the game.

These couldn’t be transferred between players or traded. But Big Time is doing away with this practice and releasing cards and other items with scarcity programmed into them so players can profit the most.

Here are a few things you can buy, trade, sell, and exchange on Big Time

  • Weapons and armor: The open marketplace contains weapons with rarities that range from common to legendary.
  • Boxes and bags: These contain an assortment of weapons, armor, and more that you can use within the game.
  • Styles: You can also buy sets of complete gear that include everything from the gloves to the chest plate to the helmet.
  • Characters: Apart from the avatars you play, you’ll also need characters like the Time Keeper (mentioned above) to help unlock new adventures and earn tokens. You can get them in-game or purchase these characters on the marketplace.
  • Spaces: Think of these as lands you can use to build your Metaverse. Similar to the other attributes and items, these also come in varying rarity levels. And the rarer the space, the larger your land.

Big Time Game

Tools used in the game

The tools used in the game aren’t character-based but stat-based. In other words, a quantum fixer can wield a shadow blader’s weapon or any other character class’ weapons.

Big Time Game

Here are the different weapons available in the game:

  • The battle axe: This hefty blade is excellent for 1vs1 combat on the battlefield and can whittle down an enemy pretty quickly
  • Dual blades: Usually wielded by the Shadowbladers, these blades are great for swift combat against multiple enemies on the battlefield.
  • Two-handed greatsword: This weapon is great to clear the way for long-range attackers like chronomancers.
  • Sword and shield: The perfect combination of offense and defense, you can use these weapons to create new openings in your enemy line.
  • Quantum staff: This staff is mainly used by chronomancers for long-range attacks.
  • Warhammer: A person with a warhammer can attack multiple enemies at once and pulverize their foes with its blows.

How to win

Always have a quantum-fixer in your group to revive teammates during the gameplay. Enter the tree of life and battle enemies within it, so you start healing while fighting.

How to earn money on Big Time

Initial investment: Since the game is in Beta and isn’t fully launched yet, you want to purchase special passes to get you early access and give you a head start in the game. You can also sell these passes later on the OpenSea market for more money.

There are different pass classes, but the least expensive pass is the Ruby pass sold by the People’s Game Guild on Open Sea. It costs about $8.60 or 0.005 ETH.

Big Time Game

How to start making money: There are three ways to make money with the game, namely:

  • Collecting NFT loot within the game and selling it on marketplaces like Open Sea.
  • Buy NFTs from the marketplace and sell them at a higher price later.
  • You can’t directly exchange the Big Time token for money. But you can sell tokens on the marketplace or use them to purchase cosmetic NFTs (NFTs with no values within the game), which can be sold on marketplaces for money.

Guilds that support the game: Here are a few guilds that support Big Time players.

  • Yield Guild has purchased time machine NFTs worth $500,000.
  • Merit Circle has acquired $1 million worth of land plots.
  • Avocado has invested $500,000 in land plots for players.

For more details about how much you can earn via these guilds and the scholarships they provide, join their Discord.

Pros and cons of Big Time

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of playing the game.


  • Great graphics and gameplay.
  • Tokens are entirely community-driven.
  • Assets are stat-based and not character-based.


Since the game’s BETA isn’t open to everyone yet, it’s difficult to list out all the cons.

  • Not truly free to play.


Here’s why Big Time is advantageous for players.

1. Great graphics and gameplay

Unlike other games, which are mostly turn-based and don’t boast impressive graphics, Big Time has a great gameplay interface and stunning graphics.

2. Tokens are entirely community-driven

Since the team wanted to ensure a fair distribution of tokens, they didn’t have a token launch sale and decided to let the community collect the tokens through gameplay instead.

3. Assets are stat-based and not character-based

As we mentioned earlier, you can use any weapon you want with any character and still succeed in the game.


Here’s a glaring disadvantage that will give you second thoughts about the game.

1.  Not truly free to play

Big Time touts itself as a truly free game, but you can currently access it only via passes, giving players an unfair head start.

Getting started

Here’s how you get started with playing Big Time.

Step 1: Install the Metamask wallet chrome extension and set it up according to the application’s instructions.

Big Time Game

Step 2: Click Buy and choose from the different crypto payment service providers in the list to purchase ETH.

Big Time Game

Step 3: Then, go to the Open Sea marketplace and purchase a pass.

Big Time Game

Step 4: Once you’ve purchased your pass, go to Big Time’s website and download the game.

Big Time Game

Step 5: When you launch the game, you’ll be greeted by a welcome screen. Press Continue to select your character class.

Big Time Game

Step 6: Select your starting class and press Confirm to continue.

Big Time Game

Step 7: Once you’ve chosen your class, the game will spawn you near Water Town, a place on Town’s end. You can check out the nearby town or purchase items from vendors to equip yourself enough to undertake a mission.

Big Time Game


Is Big Time released?

The game’s free for all Beta version is all set to release later this year.

Is Big Time free to play?

Big Time will be free to play when it’s open to everyone. Currently, you’ll have to pay for passes to access the game.

What is the Big Time game token?

The Big Time game token allows you to purchase cosmetic NFTs within the game. You can then exchange these NFTs for ETH on the marketplace.

Big Time Game Info

  • Genre: MMO RPG
  • Free to Play: No
  • Platform(s): Windows
  • Blockchain(s): Ethereum
  • Token(s): SPACE
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