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Big Time Selling Space NFTs as Personal Universe

Big Time Space NFT expansion of Time Machine

Big Time Studios has announced the sale of Space NFTs, giving NFT holders the ability to customize their own personal universe in the multiverse of Big Time. Anybody who’s interested in getting a Space NFT, can apply for pre-sale whitelisting.

In Big Time players have Time Machines, which are their own pocket universes filled with achievements and their inventory. These new Space NFTs are expansions for these virtual homes, while also introducing various useful add-ons. For example, a Space NFT can help the players boost their luck, which would mean a bigger chance of finding rare assets.

Every player will earn their first Time Machine in the early stages of the game. You could consider these Time Machines a personal shrine, but there’s more to it. Players can install Space NFTs that for example, create a portal to locations in the universe. These could also create crafting areas, or introduce new missions. These missions rooms could open new dimensions and allow players to discover exclusive NFTs.

Each add-on or expansion to the Time Machine is a limited-edition Space NFT. Players can collect these in-game or purchase them from the Big Time Marketplace. These assets will be rare, and difficult to acquire. From the total supply of a particular Space NFT, a small share will hit the public marketplace while the rest will be hidden in the game world. The idea is that Spaces become social areas for guilds as well.

Early access to Big Time will open up for VIP pass holders in early 2022.

What is Big Time?

Big Time is a cooperative, multiplayer action game. Players join forces to adventure across time and space to uncover a threat to the very fabric of existence! Lead by Albert Einstein, the Evermore Academy, an organization devoted to the defense of Time, recruits time travelers to help solve the mystery.

Like Team Fortress 2 or Overwatch, players choose character classes, each of which has its own special skills and abilities. However, Big Time offers extra customization through a dynamic class system. Players level up characters, choose weapon types, and can even switch between characters on the fly! From the Warhammer to Dual Blades to the Quantum Staff, each weapon offers different strengths.

Loot from Adventures can be cosmetic or provide character bonuses. Any that provide bonuses will not be tradeable. Some cosmetic items are NFTs, and can be freely bought and sold.

Players also own personal spaces (Time Machines) which they decorate with prizes, loot, and customizations. Invite others to visit your Time Machines and show off your interior design skills.

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