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Big Time Play-to-Earn Only Works with Space NFT

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Big Time Studios has announced that the play-to-earn portion of their upcoming online action game Big Time will only unlock when players own a Space NFT. This NFT directly links to the new token. After that players will need to fill their Space NFT with a Time Keeper Portal, which in turn requires a game item. Only then the play-to-earn mechanics of Big Time will be unlocked.

Big Time will soon introduce two token mechanics: a crypto token and their Space NFTs. You can read more about the Space NFTs here, but Big Time Studios also announced plans for their own Big Time token. Players can earn this new token as part of the game’s play-to-earn economy. You will need to battle enemies and complete quests. They can then use these tokens to purchase NFTs, speed up crafting times and repair damaged or depleted items.

However, acquiring the rights to participate in the play-to-earn economy isn’t that simple. Here are the steps required:

  1. Buy a Space NFT or win one through gameplay
  2. Unlock the Time Keeper portal. You can in one in-game or buy on the marketplace.
  3. Acquire an Hourglass in-game, from a guild or from the marketplace.

The Hourglass basically unlocks the power to earn tokens, but the sands of time also need to be replenished. Therefore players will need to go to the Time Keeper, and pay some tokens.

Big Time Studios has stated that the token economy will be 100% player-driven. They will not do a pre-sale. The only way to start earning tokens in Big Time is through gameplay. And no, the team didn’t reveal a name for their token yet. TIME token? Perhaps. BTT? Possibly.

What is Big Time?

Big Time is a cooperative, multiplayer action game. Players join forces to adventure across time and space to uncover a threat to the very fabric of existence! Lead by Albert Einstein, the Evermore Academy, an organization devoted to the defense of Time, recruits time travelers to help solve the mystery.

Like Team Fortress 2 or Overwatch, players choose character classes, each of which has its own special skills and abilities. However, Big Time offers extra customization through a dynamic class system. Players level up characters, choose weapon types, and can even switch between characters on the fly! From the Warhammer to Dual Blades to the Quantum Staff, each weapon offers different strengths.

Loot from Adventures can be cosmetic or provide character bonuses. Any that provide bonuses will not be tradeable. Some cosmetic items are NFTs, and can be freely bought and sold.

Players also own personal spaces (Time Machines) which they decorate with prizes, loot, and customizations. Invite others to visit your Time Machines and show off your interior design skills.

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