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10 Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in August 2021

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What are the best play-to-earn games to keep your eyes on in August? Some games will release a major update, while other games will have their first pre-sale. As a play-to-earn gamer you always look for that next big hit, but we also shouldn’t forget that we’re still very early. With this article Play to Earn Online Magazine gives you some pointers for 10 play-to-earn games to watch this August.

This list is not about game launches, but about what’s trending or still in development. The reasons for mentioning these games in this article will be diverse, ranging from good earning opportunities to interesting investments, all the way to simply ‘this game looks dope as f***’. What ever the reason, we will explain why these play-to-earn games are part of our August selection. Let’s go!

Guild of Guardians will have its next NFT sale probably by the end of August. The promise was to start selling Epic Heroes NFTs one month after launching on Immutable X. This launch was supposed to happen in the last days of July, but has been slightly delayed to the first days of August. Nonetheless, with NFT trading coming for Guild of Guardians, and a new sale on the horizon, this is one play-to-earn game to watch this August. — Register here

On August 11th Animoca Brands will launch REVV Racing, an in-house developed racing game without any licensing agreement. Many NFT cars have been rewarded through various promotional campaigns, ranging from REVV token liquidity providers to gamers playing F1 Delta Time. Everybody who owns a REVV Racing car NFT, can join a major esports competition with thousands of dollars worth in prizes. — More info about REVV ecosystem

The community has agreed to add 15,000 Gotchi ghosts to the ecosystem, which means that the Aavegotchi Haunt 2 will take place this August. Players will need to spend GHST to acquire portals, which will summon Gotchis. These Gotchis can compete in rarity farming, and with those activities earn additional GHST. Players can also acquire wearables to upgrade their Gotchis. Ultimately Aavegotchi will get its own game world, called the Gotchiverse Realm. – Learn more about the Gotchiverse

Chainmonsters launched NFT trading in July, allowing players to trade some of the first NFTs from their ecosystem. In August the MMORPG on the Flow blockchain will launch the sixth and final alpha update, adding major features to the game. That’s why August will be a big month for Chainmonsters, and it’s the final opportunity for gamers to acquire some of those alpha test NFTs. – Read more about Chainmonsters

Quite frankly I have big expectation of the entire Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. My Defi Pet is a big example, but I’m now listing CryptoBlades. At this moment CryptoBlades is among the biggest and most active projects on the blockchain. Players use SKILL tokens to level-up their heroes, acquire better NFT weapons and ultimately earn more SKILL. There’s some effort required to make the game profitable, but nonetheless it’s an effort many players are taking. – Read more about CryptoBlades

Those who’ve been playing games in the blockchain space for quite some time, will know that HodlGod isn’t a new game. However, in recent months the game has been making big moves. Dev studio Onessus has published the road map and whitepaper for their native VOID token, making this an ideal moment to dive into the ecosystem. They do regular NFT partnerships, their game is shaping up, and NFT staking is on the horizon as well. VOID could be the next Wax-based token going towards the moon. – Learn more about VOID token

Don’t expect Ember Sword to hit the market any time soon. However, the project is currently outlining its road map for NFT land sales. Gamers interested in owning a piece of the game world, should look into Ember Sword. Aside from normal land sales, they are now also introducing community land sales, where participants need to motivate why they should be allowed as a landowner. It’s an interesting and more personal take on landownership. – Read more about Ember Sword

Crazy Defense Heroes has been around for quite some time. The mobile tower defense game first launched as a free-to-play title, but Animoca is now rebuilding it as a play-to-earn game. You can connect your account, and if you make the monthly XP threshold, you will earn TOWER tokens. Early August they will distribute the first rewards, so we will learn whether our efforts have been worth it. – How to link your account

After a couple of NFT land sales, it’s now up to the developers to introduce land gameplay into Dark Country. We expect a lot more news coming in the coming weeks and months. The introducing of Shadow Dimes (SDM tokens) and land gameplay, will add a lot of new dynamics to the game. Landowners will need to entice players in using their land, creating different layers of activity to boost the game’s economy and perhaps your own wallet – Learn more about Dark Country

Space Misfits is one of the games that greatly benefits from the launch of Jumpnet. This gas free environment makes trading on the blockchain much easier. Above all, game developers can create a better reward system, giving players the opportunity to earn rewards from in-game missions. The space game recently launched rogue-like action-based gameplay, and new game and upgrade mechanics need to push Space Misfits further into the spotlight. An NFT exchange, a new rogue release, the implementation of Telemetry and ship fitting add many new economic layers to the game. – Learn more about Space Misfits

These are the 10 play-to-earn games we are keeping an eye on for August 2021. But of course there’s plenty of opportunity for other games to steal the show. Come and join us on Discord to discuss and learn from each other!

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