Crazy Defense Heroes Review & Crypto Game Guide

Crazy Defense Heroes (CDH) combines the thrill of tower defense and the cleverness required in card strategy games. Players aim to defend their kingdoms from enemies, killing them off by placing towers and heroes in strategic locations.

With TOWER tokens being rewarded on special events, as well as daily—when you open a Star Chest—the game can be an exciting past-time or a serious play-to-earn venture. It is also part of Animoca Brands’ Crazy Kings franchise, which all make use of TOWER tokens.

In this Crazy Defense Heroes Game Guide, you will have an overview of how to get started with CDH.

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Crazy Defense Heroes Gameplay Overview

You have one simple goal in Crazy Defense Heroes: to keep your kingdom from enemy invaders. To do that, you need to kill them off using defense buildings (towers), heroes, spells, and your main avatar.

All these defenders are accessible by cards. Choose a good combination of cards, place them in strategic locations, call on them as needed, and you will likely win your battle.

The first few levels are quite easy to win. Your enemies will be slow-moving and have fragile health. But, you will also have limited card options and card slots for battle. The more you win battles, the more your avatar levels up.

As you level up, you begin to unlock new card slots. Then again, with higher levels come harder battles. Every time an enemy enters your kingdom, you will lose a “heart.” If you lost all hearts, you will have lost the game.

When you complete quests or daily check-ins or even watch video ads when they’re available, you will also be able to open treasure chests. These chests give you gold, gems, materials, and even new cards.

With enough gold and materials, you’ll be able to upgrade your cards. Upgraded cards will have a deadlier and wider range of attacks. Meanwhile, you could use your gems to revive a hero or your avatar when it dies in battle. Or, you could go to the Merchant page and exchange your gems for upgrade materials. You could also use them to buy chests and energy.

In CDH, higher avatar levels open up new features such as clans. With clans, you can begin participating in clan quests, donate materials you’ve looted, and open a clan chest if you keep being active.

If you want to maximize the game rewards you can get in a day, you may want to check in, play the video ad, complete quests, raids, and missions, and battle a couple of times every 4 hours. You’ll access the 4-hour chest, among others. Plus, your energy must have already been replenished by then, and you can play some more.

Game Economy Overview and Play-to-Earn Mechanics

While some games like Axie Infinity have two separate tokens for governance (Axie Infinity Shards or AXS) and purely game rewards (Smooth Love Potion or SLP), Crazy Defense Heroes combines all functions into one: the TOWER token.

The TOWER is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. It will function as the medium of exchange, governance, and utility for all games in the Crazy Kings franchise. Simply put, the TOWER tokens you earn from playing Crazy Defense Heroes will also be useful for any other upcoming blockchain game in the franchise.

With enough TOWER, you can purchase items such as CDH game card NFTs and pay for special game modes such as tournaments.

To earn TOWER from Crazy Defense Heroes, you need to be able to open a Star Chest. You can accomplish this by getting 16 stars from battles each day. Depending on your game performance, you could earn up to 3 stars per battle.

You may keep your TOWER tokens for use in the Crazy Kings franchise. Or, you could turn them into cash by exchanging them with other tokens first such as USDT via QuickSwap.

How to Get Started

Getting started in Crazy Defense Heroes is as easy as downloading the mobile game app on either your Android or iOS device. Since CDH is also free-to-play, you can experience your very first game the moment the app tutorial tells you to try it out.

Once you’re done with your first game, you can head over to the settings to see your CDH User ID. Make sure you take a screenshot and save this User ID. You will need it for account recovery.

To protect your saved data such as the game levels you’ve already reached, you will also need to log in via the settings. You can choose to link your Apple ID or Google account. You may also sign in via email or phone number.

To claim TOWER tokens on the CDH website, you need to log in using your saved account details and connect it with your Metamask wallet. You will also need to pass the Player Verification via Blockpass KYC.

Crazy Defense Heroes Review

If you’ve been raging through intense battles such as in the tower defense mode of Thetan Arena, you won’t break a sweat in your first few games at Crazy Defense Heroes. You could even win a game without looking and even if you’re not using the auto-play mode. In that sense, the game looks like it’s for the lazy player.

But then, just when you’re unsuspecting, there will be challenging battles and faster-moving enemies. At other times, there will be a “boss” among the enemies, which would be harder to kill off. Your avatar could even die as it goes sword-on-sword with this boss. Plus, if you get too focused on defending one entry point to your kingdom, you could lose sight of the other ones.

Soon, you could get overwhelmed by a swarm of invaders moving past one of your blue flags. By then, you would have lost all “hearts” and lost the battle. You could try and try again using different combinations of heroes, spells, and defense towers until you finally beat all of your most badass enemies.

Overall, Crazy Defense Heroes can be satisfyingly challenging. It can be a fun game in and of itself, even if you didn’t know it already has a play-to-earn element. Given the expanding vision of Animoca Brands for its blockchain games, the TOWER tokens you’ll hold now look like they have a promising future.

Crazy Defense Heroes Key Info

  • Genre: Tower Defense
  • Free to Play: Yes
  • Platform(s): iOS / Android
  • Blockchain(s): Ethereum / Polygon
  • Token(s): TOWER
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