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Battle Game CryptoBlades Already Awarded Players $650,000

CryptoBlades SKILL token Binance Smart Chain

The blockchain-powered role playing game CryptoBlades has already awarded more than $650,000 to players since its June 1st. In this blockchain-powered game players need to buy a character, battle enemies, and acquire better gear. Those who’ve been active in the Play to Earn Discord channel, may have heard about CryptoBlades already. Let’s find out a bit more!

CryptoBlades uses Binance Smart Chain for all its on-chain action. As a matter of fact, the game taps deep into blockchain services. Every time a character will go into battle, players need to use a transaction. But before that happens, you will first need to get a character using SKILL tokens.

Simply said, sending your hero into battle will earn you SKILL tokens and NFTs. The higher level your hero becomes, the better their rewards are. In the beginning you’re playing at a loss, but player reports suggest that most of them start making profits after level 20. This generally seems to take at least 3 days of active play.

CryptoBlades looks a lot like a game, but ultimately it’s also a DeFi yield farm. When your hero, or multiple heroes, are strong enough and you have decent NFTs, it’s time to optimize your gear. Crafting NFTs is a key element of CryptoBlades, and matching heroes with the perfect weapon is crucial for success. Players can also fine-tune their characters through traits, and unlocking abilities. The stronger these heroes become, the more SKILL tokens they can earn you.

CryptoBlades SKILL token Binance Smart Chain battle selection

Gameplay or yield farm?

Looking at CryptoBlades from a traditional gaming perspective, then it’s a bit of a passive experience. However, for gamified DeFi it’s actually quite deep. What’s even more interesting is that low level characters mainly play at a loss. Users that dive into CryptoBlades and expect to make money instantly, will realize they need to put some effort in it. During the first matches they’ll notice that sending a hero into battle costs more BNB in gas fees, than it makes in SKILL tokens.

However, as the hero levels up and players earn better gear, their rewards become better. Better rewards means more SKILL tokens, and as you level up you will start earning enough SKILL to outweigh to BNB investment. As a result the best heroes and their gear become money printing machines, or at least mercenaries that make you SKILL tokens. Of course, you will also need to think tactically. Weapons and heroes have certain elemental powers, and these work better or worse against certain enemies.

It’s difficult to describe CryptoBlades purely as a yield farm. Sure, it has strong elements of a yield farm, but it also has strong gameplay elements. Players need to put time, thought and effort into the game to become profitable. That’s a strong element of gamification, and makes sure only dedicated players are properly rewarded.

Another element of gamification is hidden in the social parts of CryptoBlades. You can buy some heroes, get better gear and earn SKILL tokens. However, you can also do this with friends. Players can team up, work together with a group of heroes, and try to defeat legendary bosses.

Closing thoughts

CryptoBlades is a fun take on yield farming and decentralized finance. It’s an example of one of the exciting developments in the blockchain space right now: gamification. In the near future the developers will introduce more 3D elements, making CryptoBlades more dynamic and appealing. Overall, CryptoBlades really taps into that feeling of ‘one more try’, and the sense of discovery when forging new weapons is a very fun element. Now keep your eyes on the Play to Earn Game Festival, because CryptoBlades will be there and you can win some awesome prizes!

You can check out CryptoBlades here. Make sure your Metamask supports Binance Smart Chain, you’ve got some BNB and ideally also some SKILL tokens.

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