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30 Blockchain Games To Keep an Eye on in 2021

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Let’s take a look at 2021 and what this year will have in store for us when it comes to blockchain games. We add games to this list that have already been released, but will get significant updates. In addition we will list blockchain games that will have their first public release in 2021.

Some of the blockchain games in this list for 2021 are expected to add a lot more gameplay functionalities, while others are currently nothing else but hype and promises. Our blockchain games list for 2021 doesn’t discriminate and shows games from different blockchains, including Ethereum, Hive, Wax, Phantasma, Bitcoin and custom blockchain services.

Not every game in this list is created to provide gameplay similar to your average Playstation game. Some of these games rely for example more on management, while others tap into the world of decentralized finance. It’s clear that gaming and gamification are the next growth segments of the blockchain industry, and therefore here are the 30 blockchain games you should keep your eyes on in 2021.

22 Racing Series

GOATi Entertainment, closed beta

22 Racing Series is a tactical racing game that combines elements from strategy games with Wipeout and Gran Turismo. Players can for example race on futuristic tracks, collect resources, upgrade their vehicle during the race and utilize abilities found on the tracks. This game is built on the Phantasma blockchain and players actually own their own vehicles. Smart contracts for tournaments are integrated into the game, allowing gamers to play for money. Already available though pre-sale NFTs, but soon coming to Steam Early Access.

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Pixelcraft Studios, January 2021

Aavegotchi is a collectible game coming from the world of decentralized finance. Each cute pixelated ghost has actual tokens hidden inside them, which is the foundation for its powers and its value. Late 2020 the team added the ability to acquire wearables and in the beginning of 2021 Aavegotchi will launch on the Ethereum mainnet. However, that’s not where development will end. It’s just the beginning. The team wants to create a full gaming experience around these DeFi ghosts. Aavegotchi is particularly interesting, because it’s literally the gamification of decentralized finance. Blockchain games will become more than mere games in 2021, they will become financial ecosystems.

Learn more about Aavegotchi

Alien Worlds

Dacoco GmbH, open beta

Alien Worlds is an exploration and battle game running on the Wax blockchain. Currently players need to mine resources in order to find the in-game currency TLM and digital assets, like for example weapons, minions and tools. Alien Worlds combines NFTs with elements from DAOs and DeFi. In the near future the developers will open the Thunderdome where players can battle each other. Without a doubt this is one of the most interesting blockchain games to keep an eye on in 2021!

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Alpaca City

Alpaca Dev, launched

Alpaca City is a virtual city where collectible and breedable alpacas can be combined with decentralized finance. Every digital alpaca has unique genetic traits, and by breeding players can create new alpacas. These alpacas have the ability to generate ALPA yield by managing your digital assets. Alpaca City is literally meant to gamify decentralized finance. Currently there are already six generations of Alpaca’s on the Ethereum blockchain, while the ‘game’ is also available on the Binance Smart Chain. Alpaca City could be an ideal onboarding mechanism for consumers into the world of decentralized finance. Imagine the financial banking system being afraid of some alpacas. LOL 🤣

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Axie Infinity

Sky Mavis, beta

Axie Infinity has been one of the high profile games in the blockchain gaming industry in the past 12 months. Ever since they released their battle mode gameplay, they’ve been preaching the play-to-earn life. Players earn SLP by winning battles, which can provide a decent income in some countries. Recently they released their AXS governance token, giving gamers an investment possibility into the world of Axie Infinity. In 2021 Sky Mavis will release Ronin, their sidechain solution for the Ethereum blockchain. This will make trading and breeding free, enabling Axie Infinity to onboard a bigger audience. In addition land gameplay will get its full release in 2021, alongside a dedicated app for iOS and Android. Axie hype is real, and of course we mention the world of Lunacia in our list of blockchain games for 2021.

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Blankos Block Party

Mythical Games, open beta

At the end of 2020 Blankos Block Party released its closed beta on PC, quickly followed by an open beta. Now move into the game world, and then you will see there’s quite some activity there. This is a very gorgeous looking platform game. User generated content is an important part of Blankos, while flexing your cool avatars and wearables adds a social element to the game. Blankos Block Party has a bit of that pay-to-own element to it, without adding too much play-to-earn. However, the game had a promising start, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the future.

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Bratz Lookz

Animoca Brands, in development

Bratz Lookz is an upcoming collectible game that allows users to collect their favorite Bratz dolls, outfits and accessoires. Players can design their own dolls, and during special freezing events these dolls can be minted onto the blockchain. Every minted doll can be collected and traded on the open market. Among blockchain games in 2021 this one stands out, because it’s not aimed at the typical blockchain enthusiast. Bratz Lookz will aim for a teenage girls, truly embracing a mainstream audience.

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B-side Games, in development

Chainmonsters by Bside Games is a blockchain MMO inspired by classic games like for example The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon. In this massively multiplayer online role playing game on the Flow blockchain players need to catch little monsters and discover what problems a magical crystal is causing. Thanks to the Flow blockchain, players own for example all weapons, monsters and potions in their backpack. In addition they can use these or trade them with other players. Chainmonsters will feature seasonal content, and this creates rarity for seasonal items that way.

Learn more about Chainmonsters

Crusader’s Dynasty

Alchemist Games LLC, in development

I’ve been intrigued by Crusader’s Dynasty ever since the first time I laid my eyes upon that game. That’s because this is a medieval fantasy battle royale game with PVP and PVE elements. The game features several types of champions with tanking, damage or healing capabilities. Players can earn or buy in-game items like for example mounts and weapons. The game is running on the Phantasma blockchain.

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Dark Forest

ZKGA, beta v0.5

Dark Forest is a decentralized real-time strategy game running on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s basically an MMO space conquest game in which players discover planets and conquer everything they can find. There are also NFTs to find by exploring the universe, and there’s a prize pool for the best players. However, Dark Forest is far from finished and the game has not been audited. However, it’s cool to see a game being completely on-chain and it has already generated quite some hype. Ultimately this could be a truly persistent game world that will never ever go offline as long as Ethereum exists.

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Doctor Who: Worlds Apart

Reality Gaming Group, in development

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is a trading card game on the Ethereum blockchain that taps into the entire history of the British Doctor Who television series. Cards come in different rarities and have a variety of functionalities, ranging from characters to events and from moments to creatures and companions. Cards can be stacked to combine their powers for more effect, but details are still lacking. However, this trading card game will get its beta test in 2021. That’s enough reason to keep your eyes on this one!

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Ember Sword

Bright Star Studios, closed alpha

Bright Star Studios is working on an MMORPG called Ember Sword, and when talking about the best blockchain games for 2021 we can’t miss out on this one. In this massively online multiplayer role playing game players can for example be traders, adventurers, thieves or farmers. Players can create their own buildings as well, which all become part of a bigger economy. Those who dive into Ember Sword for adventure, will meet an action-packed combat system and regions that each offer different quests, enemies and resources. The game is scheduled for a release in 2022, but we’re hoping to see more this year!

Learn more about Ember Sword

F1 Delta Time

Animoca Brands, open beta

The racing game F1 Delta Time has been very high profile in recent months. It started with the launch of the REVV ecosystem, which boosted interest in the game. In addition they recently sold digital assets for the new Formula 1 season. In addition the sale of track segments placed the game in the spotlight, as it become home to the most expensive NFT of all time. However, F1 Delta Time is still only in beta. There’s a lot more content coming to this game.

Check out F1 Delta Time

Formula E

Animoca Brands, in development

Just like F1 Delta Time, Formula E is part of the REVV ecosystem as well. Animoca Brands licensed the rights to this racing sport in 2020, and is looking to launch the first versions of the game in 2021. What makes Formula E interesting are the connections with real-world racing. For example, in the actual Formula E drivers can get a boost based on fan votes or by driving over certain parts of the track. Therefore we wouldn’t be surprised if this Formula E game will tie in with the actual sports in some way.

Watch a Formula E race

Gods Unchained

Immutable, live

The trading card game Gods Unchained is a big name in the blockchain gaming world. The game has been playable for quite some time already, and launched its first expansion in 2020. However, the real advancement will happen in 2021. Game studio Immutable will launch their own sidechain solution Immutable X, which will make all in-game transactions completely free. This will open the trading market once again, while enabling Immutable to add new mechanics that weren’t possible due to gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Hash Rush

VZ Games, open beta

The real time strategy game Hash Rush is not even a full blockchain game yet, but they are working on it. The development team at VZ Games introduced their Rush Coin in the summer of 2020, and now they are planning to make their game go full blockchain in the long term. They have for example been fine tuning their gameplay, adding more planets and units, creating all kinds of content, to make Hash Rush into a full-fledged strategy game. Players will get a home planet, there will be heroic units, dungeons, quests and campaigns. Whenever Hash Rush goes full blockchain, players will gain ownership over their units and other items.

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Infinite Fleet

Pixelmatic, in development

Infinite Fleet is an ambitious space game that could potentially replace EVE Online as the biggest virtual space economy in the world. In this story-driven economy-powered space game players can for example secure territories from alien threats, customize their ship, and venture into the unknown. The developers use the Liquid Network to add a tailored in-game currency and non-fungible tokens to the game. Players earn INF by doing missions or trading it on an exchange. Infinite Fleet looks like a high quality game, and therefore we can’t wait to try this one out!

Discover more about Infinite Fleet

Kick Off! Evolution

eBallR Games, in development

eBallR Games is working together with Atari to revive the retro Kick Off! franchise. Kick Off! Evolution is going to be a football game in which gamers can customize their players. This new version of the classic game series will tap into the Enjin multiverse, and this will result in the option to share game assets across different upcoming sports games. However, we don’t know much yet. But it’s always good to see companies trying new things with existing franchises.

Learn more about Kick Off! Evolution


Satoshi’s Games, pre-alpha

Gamers who play Lightnite can earn bitcoin by shooting other players. However, they will lose bitcoin when they get shot. Players can sell some of the items found in the game for bitcoin as well. In addition to that they can withdraw the bitcoin they earned in Lightnite immediately. Another example of a fine play-to-earn mechanic, even though you could potentially also lose sats of course. The game is currently in alpha and needs more polish. Satoshi’s Games wants to launch Lightnite in beta this March, followed by a full release in August. Lightnite use the Lightning Network for fast bitcoin transactions, while it uses Liquid for the storage of NFTs.

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MegaCryptoPolis, live

Maintaining a city in SimCity is one thing, but being part of actual production cycles and controlling the lives of virtual characters is something completely different. Especially when these characters make you real money. In MegaCryptoPolis players can own houses, offices, and factories. Citizens need jobs, jobs need employees, factories produces resources, and so on. The game uses MEGA as its governance token, which crosses the economical bridge between Matic Network, Ethereum and Tron. In the coming year we can expect more free-to-play elements, more micro-economics for users to tap into and the ability to walk through a virtual 3D world using your own avatar. MegaCryptoPolis is already more than two years old, but it still feels like they are just getting started.

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Gala Games, in development

It’s still very early days for Mirandus, but we’re keeping a close eye on this project. Mirandus is a massively multiplayer online role playing game in which players have ownership over towns, villages and local businesses. Yes, it’s very ambitious. There will be entire economic production chains, while adventurers try to keep evil at bay by venturing down in dungeons and into dark magical forests. Gala Games is already selling the deeds to build your own town. These don’t come cheap, but will make you the boss over an entire local economy.

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Neon District

Blockade Games, closed alpha

We already mentioned Neon District last year, and here we are again. Neon District is still on our waiting list for the blockchain games of 2021. Blockade Games is currently testing the battle system in closed alpha. Neon District is a cyberpunk-themed turn based role playing game. Players are part of a rebellion fighting an authoritarian regime. They will need to level up their characters by doing missions, and battling other players in the arena. Passive PVP will be coming to Neon District in 2021, and then followed by campaigns and missions in Spring.

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The Sandbox

The Sandbox Ltd, alpha

The Sandbox is a virtual world that’s all about empowering gamers to create their own games. Designers can create and sell assets, developers can create games, and gamers can play these games. In return all of them are rewarded through the ecosystem of The Sandbox. 2021 will be an important year for The Sandbox. It will start with Pre-Season 0 in Q1 2021, and in addition the full release of their virtual world later in the year. The Sandbox could become for the next generation of gamers, what Minecraft has been for the current generation.

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The Six Dragons

Blockpegnio Ltd, open beta

The Six Dragons is an open-world role playing game in which the hero – that would be you – needs to defeat monsters and dragons that are invading the lands. Blockpegnio recently launched their governance tokens, which will make the economy more interesting down the road. In addition, The Six Dragons should be coming to the Playstation 5 by the end of 2021 as well. This makes The Six Dragons a game to look out for!

Learn more about The Six Dragons

Soccer Manager Elite

Xaya Tech, open beta

Soccer Manager Elite is a virtual version of the world of football, completely owned by the players. Players can for example acquire a share in clubs, they can be player agents or be the managers of a club. Through playing the game, successful investors will earn a lot. While clubs that perform bad can fire their manager, and acquire a new one in hopes of turning things around. Technically every club is a DAO, every trade takes place on an open marketplace, and all the money earned in the game can be swapped into actual dollars.

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Sorare Ltd, live

Sorare is a fantasy football trading card game on the Ethereum blockchain. Over the year they’ve created all kinds of partnerships with major football clubs to add their players to the game. Now there’s an in-game economy that’s doing hundreds of thousands of dollars in trading volume per week. They’ve been adding more competitions and more rewards during the year, and in addition their community is creating their own games. We’re excited for what the Sorare ecosystem will bring in 2021.

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Splinterlands, live

Splinterlands is a tactical trading card game in which players need to select their deck for each match based in the match limitations. By combining the powers of their cards, players can gain an advantage over their opponents. The match system resolves the battle automatically based on the selected cards. Somewhere in 2021 Splinterlands will add land gameplay to the game, as landowners will provide resources that give players another layer of depth in their online battles. Splinterlands already has one of the most active communities in the blockchain gaming world, and that’s likely to increase with the launch of land gameplay.

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Synergy of Serra

Calystral, in development

Synergy of Serra is an upcoming trading card game that’s still in its early development phase. Synergy of Serra is a free-to-play card game, and it allows players to play the game and earn money. Everybody can join the game and use a basic set of cards. However, the blockchain elements adds an extra layer of ownership. This gives players the possibility to really own a set of cards, trade it, sell it and so on. Cards can be upgraded, and they level up as players win games using them. Players who will need to build an ideal deck. Cards that they don’t need, can be turned into scrap. Scrap can also be used to buy new crates. This will ultimately create more scarcity. Looks like Synergy of Serra is changing things up a bit for the trading card genre, and that’s a good thing!

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Uplandme Inc., live

Upland is a metaverse game in which players own virtual real-estate based on actual locations in major cities. You could compare it with a form of Monopoly. However, the development team has now added property development. This gives us all the reason to mention Upland in this list of blockchain games for 2021. Because this paves the way for new gameplay mechanics that would add a whole more fun to the game. There’s a very dedicated community playing this EOS blockchain game, and that community is in for a treat when more cities and features will be added over the year.

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Xaya Tech, closed alpha

Taurion is an economy-driven real time strategy game that’s running on its own blockchain powered by Xaya Tech. Players for example need to acquire resources to advance their army, their mining facilities and their research. However, other players do the same. Players can form guilds, but they can also betray each other for political or economical gain. Taurion offers an autonomous massively multiplayer online strategy game, and in addition players earn crypto by being an active participant in the game’s economy.

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That’s it. Those are 30 of the most promising blockchain games for 2021. Compared with last year, it was a lot harder to make this list. We didn’t mention for example Nestables, Decentraland, Age of Rust, Alterverse Disruption, Space Misfits, Cede or The Galaxy of Lemuria. Did you know Cryptovoxels will probably add more gamification elements? I’m super hyped about that! Without a doubt it looks like gaming on the blockchain is getting bigger every year, and we can’t wait to see and experience what 2021 will bring to our screens!

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