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Aavegotchi Unveils Their Plans for Gotchiverse

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Aavegotchi has published a litepaper, revealing their plans for a virtual world called the Gotchiverse. This will become a virtual world where DeFi, yield farming and NFTs collide into a mix that would only be possible using blockchain technology.

Aavegotchi is already a working product on the Polygon blockchain. These Aavegotchi characters are basically pixelated ghost with certain crypto tokens inside them. In addition they can wear certain items, and with it they receive powers to harvest GHST tokens. Aavegotchi is the gamification of yield farming or earning interest on your bank account. Yes, you can see that pixelated ghost as a bank account or crypto wallet. Now these ghost, they are getting their own virtual world called the Gotchiverse Realm.

In the Gotchiverse Realm players can own land. There will be three distinct zones:

  • The Citaadel, the homebase of the Aaavegotchis
  • The Grid, players need to defend their parcels against evil Liquidators
  • The Beyond, locked parcels for future expansions.

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In each of these zones, land parcel come in three different sizes: humble, reasonably sized and spacious. Only 20% of the land will be spacious, while the small and medium sized ones will have 40% each. Each land parcel will contain materials that can be harvested. Landowners can use their own ghost, or invite others, to farm on their REALM parcels. Farming creates a new resource called Gotchus Alchemica, which can be combined to form Installations. Each of these can then be upgraded as well.

There’s a total of 420,069 land parcels. However, only 155,069 will go on sale in the first two years. This would make up Act 1, and consists of both the Citaadel and the Grid around it. At certain milestones, Act 2 and 3 will unlock, opening a new area that’s now only known as The Beyond. The first presale for REALM parcels will happen in Q3 2021, followed by two more presales and then a public sale in Q1 2022.

About Gotchus Alchemica

There are four different Gotchus Alchemica resources: Fomo, Kek, Alpha and Fud. Players can extract these resources by spending their gotchi’s kinship points. This process is called Alchemical Channeling. Players can also form guilds, build in Gotchi Lodge Installations and farm together in a process called Communical Channeling.

Furthermore, players can build and use a Harvester, to generate passive income. However, using the harvester some of your earnings will spill to neighboring parcels as well. And of course players can let their Aavegotchis travel through the world to mine these resources.

Building on your REALM parcels

As a landowner it will be important to improve your land and make it more attractive. The best way to do that, is by building installations. These special structures provide all kinds of benefits, and players can craft these using the earlier mentioned Alchemica resources. Furthermore, these Installations will be NFTS, and players can trade these for GHST on the Aavegotchi Baazaar.

Every REALM parcel will have an Alchemical Aaltar. In addition landowners can create for example harvesters, reservoirs for storage of resources, antennas, black holes, display cases to show your trophies and art, towers to defend and so on. Aside from these functional assets, there are also Aesthetica NFTs. These simply look dope as f***.

What can you do as a player?

You’re right. Land is fun, but what can you do as a player? How do you use your ghost in the Gotchiverse Realms? First of all the world is a social place where you can text chat with other gotchis that are close-by. REALM parcel owners can create special antennas to enable voice chat. Gotchis can then group up and go on adventures together: explore dungeons, fight liquidators and other enemies to earn rewards.

However, players can also become a Liquidator if they own enough Liquidator Credits. These tokens can be earned by completing tasks, referring friends, participating in airdrops and so on. Of course you can purchase them using GHST as well. The point is, you can be the bad guy. As a Liquidator you need to collect spilled Alchemica, or earn more resources by fighting Gotchis and offensive Installations. Furthermore, players can use their Gotchis to go on adventures, and battle each other in the Aarena.

All rewards you earn, will be ERC-20 tokens. As a result everything can be traded on the open market. Aavegotchi will launch its own marketplace called the Gotchi Alchemica Exchange. As a matter of fact, they will only smart contract to camouflage as NPCs. So the exchange is an NPC, but third party developers can also incorporate their own services into the Gotchiverse.

What is Aavegotchi?

Aave is the Finnish word for ghost. An Aavegotchi is a cute little pixelated ghost that has several traits. First of all, there’s financial collateral backing the existence of the little ghost. In addition, these ghosts have random traits, they can wear clothes and others items, and they come with a certain rarity level. You could see an Aavegotchi ghost as a modern piggy bank that generates interest while wearing cool pixelated items. The money backing the ghost will always be there. And adding rare NFT wearables increases its performance and therefore makes it more valuable.

With GHST Aavegotchi has a newly announced eco-governance token. Users can acquire GHST through Uniswap and other exchanges, or the Aavegotchi platform. You buy GHST using DAI, and you need some Aave aTokens, like aDAI for example. Then you need to spend GHST to get a portal, which will give you a cute little Aavegotchi. Owners can use this little ghost in games, sell them for a profit or burn them to regain the money backing its existence.

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