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10 Play-to-Earn Games To Follow in June 2021

play to earn games june 2021

What are the play-to-earn games to focus on this June? Two years ago there were a handful of development groups actively creating blockchain-powered games, but now there are all kinds of play-to-earn games to follow. To help you filter through the noise, we’ll help you focus a bit. From this point forward we will publish a monthly article highlighting some of the play-to-earn projects.

These play-to-earn games have perhaps already launched before June, or they are still in active development. The reasons for listing them in this article will be diverse, ranging from good earning opportunities to interesting investments, all the way to simply ‘this game looks dope as f***’. However, there’s a serious reason to add these play-to-earn games to this list, because there’s probably something exciting happening with them this June. Now, let’s go!

Blankos Block Party

blankos block party screenshot 1

One of the most sophisticated games in the blockchain gaming ecosystem, is probably Blankos Block Party. It’s the game that looks most as one that would play very well on PlayStation consoles. However, this is a pc game with controller support. So far, blockchain elements aren’t visible. But they are working on the NFT marketplace, while a MAJOR update will go live this week. This will introduce play-to-earn to Blankos gamers! — Read more

Crazy Defense Heroes

crazy defense heroes artwork

This month Crazy Defense Heroes has a play-to-earn program going on. Everybody who manages to gain 250,000 experience points during the month of June, will be eligible to win a share of a prize pool. The prize pool will be 750,000 TOWER, which is approximately $19,000 at this moment. Everybody can join, because the game is downloadable for free on iOS and Android mobile devices. — Read more


uefa euro 2020 fantasy football sorare NFT cards

Being a big football fan myself, I had to add Sorare to this list. Euro 2020 is taking place this month, one year after it was postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people will be following this tournament, and you can add some extra excitement because Sorare also covers it. As a fantasy football game the entry prices are quite serious, however, you can also win serious prizes yourself. Big prices for big prizes. — Read more

Axie Infinity

axie infinity artwork 1

For one month now, Axie Infinity has been working on the Ronin sidechain, and the community has been using gas free trading like maniacs. Really, it’s already quite an success. However, there’s a whole lot more coming: land gameplay, a DEX on Ronin, AXS governance token utility and so on. Axie Infinity is an exciting ecosystem to keep your eyes on this month, and we expect something interesting to happen soon. — Read more

The Sandbox

sandbox fashion catwalk

The Sandbox has a special place here on Play to Earn. We’ve got some land there, but above all they always do cool stuff. They’ve had awesome partnerships, cool product releases, all while building an entire ecosystem of creators, builders, gamers and traders. Guess what? They promised to release the closed test version of The Sandbox in Q2 2021. So that would be June 2021 at the latest. Get hyped! — Read more

Alien Worlds

alien worlds artwork portal nft drops

Right now Alien Worlds can feel more like yield farming than an interactive entertainment experience. That doesn’t mean that exciting things can’t happen. In the near future we expect the technical foundation for a ‘fighting game’, using the Minions and Weapons NFTs from the game. In addition the team wants to bring in a major IP deal to attract more users, and they want to integrate non-blockchain games via modding servers. No idea what that would mean, but enough stuff happening here to keep clicking that mining button. — Read more

My Neighbor Alice

my neighbor alice artwork logo

At this very moment the staking period for My Neighbor Alice is happening. During this staking period, which requires you to stake ALICE tokens, everybody can earn raffle tickets. Winning raffle tickets will allow people to buy land during the first land sale for My Neighbor Alice. The land sale event will start on June 11th. Later on more land sales will happen, but not with the 50% discount that the are enjoying this time. — Read more


chainmonsters alpha screenshot idle character

Chainmonsters is currently playable in an early version on the Flow blockchain. This version of the game is only playable to those who bought early access from the official website. When you have early access, you can also obtain some NFTs that are exclusive to this alpha test. B-Side Games expects to launch the alpha 4 update soon-ish, which would introduce elemental combat. This would be a big gameplay update! — Read more


mymetaverse meta city minecraft NFT land

MyMetaverse allows gamers to battle monsters, earn tokens and then spend those tokens on virtual real estate in Meta City. Sure, the amount of land plots is currently very limited, and therefore the battle will be fierce. However, if you’re interested in earning by putting in some effort, this could very well be worth your time. MetaCity is a city build on a Minecraft server, enhanced with Enjin’s blockchain technology. — Read more


megacryptopolis city building

It’s been three years since MegaCryptoPolis first launched. Congratulations to Supernovae and of course the gamers that have been with them since the beginning. MegaCryptoPolis is slowly turning into MegaWorld, a 3D virtual world where you can walk around, visit your friends home, or have your character go to their job. MegaWorld would be a major level up for MCP, so keep your eyes on this project to stay in the know. — Read more

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