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Conquest Alpha Competition Launching Tomorrow

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The on-chain space domination game Conquest will launch its alpha competition this Saturday, giving all participants a chance for glory and $1,000 of Etherplay tokens. The testing phase and competition will take approximately two weeks. Progress made during the testing phases will be undone when the game launches onto mainnet.

In Conquest.eth the universe is always expanding is more players join the game world. Players acquire planets, and need to do their best to acquire more of them. Not only do players need to create a war machine, diplomacy seems to be a valid option as well. Conquest uses a gigantic scale, which means that travelling can actually take days.

Players need to deposit a stake to produce spaceships, which are required to attack others. This stake is stored on your own planet. When other players capture your planet, they can then exit and claim your stake. The exit time is three days, and during this time the planet continues to produce ships. However, they can’t attack. Each of the planets have different stats, for example attack, defense, speed, production, stake amount and population.

What can you earn?

When Conquest.eth launches on mainnet later this year, it will be open-ended. However, during this testing phase top players with the highest score will earn rewards. The developers will take a snapshot on Friday May 21st at 1PM UTC. The top prize is $500 worth of Etherplay tokens, followed by $200, $100, $50, $25, twelve times $10 and $5. In addition there are sponsored prizes, which are distributed in a different way.

Every player receives testnet play tokens for free, but you need to be there to actually claim them. If you’re too late, you won’t get anything. Tokens will be given in 3 batches. First 50% of the token will be given as part of the claim key, that you will receive on May 1st or later. After that they will hand out 25% over the course of 6–14 days. You can use these tokens to pump your economy, so that’s nice.

But you will still need to win. It’s important that you control as much stake as possible the moment the snapshot will be taken. Your score will be calculated by substracting the tokens given from the total controlled stake, and then dividing that amount by (again) the tokens given. So if you didn’t receive any tokens, you still have a fair chance to get a decent score.

What’s special about on-chain gaming?

On-chain games are persistent and can function without the need of servers of other centralized authorities. All the user needs is a graphical interface, while all the game rules are stored on the blockchain. As a result the rules are always provably fair. Players only need to download a game interface, or perhaps just go to a website to get started.

Those who are looking for decentralized on-chain games, have several projects to look at. Xaya is working on both Taurion, a completely decentralized online strategy game, and of course Soccer Manager Elite. Both games require users to install the game on their computer, but all game mechanics and gameplay is running on the custom Xaya blockchain. Soccer Manager Elite will even come to mobile devices, which is a very interesting development.

In addition there’s a relatively new project called Dark Forest. This grand strategy game in space is all about exploration, expansion and domination. However, in some case it could be a good idea to work together. There are also NFTs to find by exploring the universe, and there’s a prize pool for the best players. However, Dark Forest is far from finished and the game has not been audited. However, it’s cool to see a game being completely on-chain and it has already generated quite some hype. Ultimately this could be a truly persistent game world that will never ever go offline as long as Ethereum exists. We added this game to our list of blockchain games to watch in 2021.

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