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Revived 0xUniverse Now Introduced Artifacts

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They want a bit under my radar in the past couple of months, but 0xUniverse is alive and kicking on Polygon, and now launched a big update with their artifacts. Players can now stake mined energy onto planets to find Artifacts, a valuable type of NFT. It’s a new DeFi mechanic that’s being added to the galaxy of 0xUniverse.

An Artifact is an NFT stored on the Polygon network. That means that players can store, transfer, buy or sell them. However, when you find them, you might want to hold on to these NFTs as well. Players need to deploy drones to find Artifacts, while drones are also needed to protect them during transport. What type of powers do these Artifacts have? They for example boost your passive income from mining.

Players can borrow these artifacts from each other by paying rent. There’s a base rate of 10 MATIC for a 20 day period. However, at any given moment another player can step in, pay double the amount, and claim the NFT. Drone owners benefit from the renting business, as they get a share of the fees.

What is 0xUniverse?

Without a doubt 0xUniverse is among the oldest blockchain games on the market. In 2020 0xGames announced their closure, but 0xUniverse lived on. With the rise of the Polygon sidechain, the space game get a second chance. In 0xUniverse players can own planets, build a spaceship, colonize more planets, extract resources, create items, trade, and so on.

The 22nd century saw the beginning of the period of Great Cosmic Discoveries. Interstellar travel, which was previously an unattainable dream, became a reality and was now accessible to anyone. Humankind’s cosmic expansion was declared the supreme challenge. In order to speed up this process, the United Earth Government decided to sell some planets that were already settled to private parties. It also passed a law that guaranteed discoverers the right of ownership to the planets they found.

Players need to acquire a planet, and then the search for resources begins. They need to create a fleet, and ultimately become a space tycoon. The game offers play-to-earn mechanics, has its own 0xE token on the Polygon blockchain, embraces NFT ownership, and lets players explore an universe filled with mysteries. To get started, 0xUniverse also offers a fiat on-ramp. Here $50 already gets you 8 common, 4 rare and 2 epic planets in one package.

After that the technology research will start. You will need to build a spaceship, discover new planets, search them for resources and find artifacts. The universe of 0xUniverse consists out of 1,000 sectors, each filled with planets. However, the total universe has a maximum of 1,000,000 planets. Energy tokens can be in two states. Tokenized aka 0xE (which is an ERC-20 token) and Detokenized aka Energy (stored on the game server). Its initial state within the game server is Detokenized. 

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