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Soccer Manager Elite Coming to Mobile Devices

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Xaya currently has Soccer Manager Elite in closed beta, but behind the scenes the team is also working on bringing their blockchain-powered football manager to mobile devices. In their newsletter they announced that an Android version will release in the coming months.

Soccer Elite Manager is a football management game in which players are either team managers, player agents or club owners. Players agents need to make sure their players end up a good clubs, and team managers need to buy players to perform well. In addition club owners need a good manager to lead their club, or get rid of him.

The football management game is running completely on-chain. This means that every setting, action and transaction is handled by the blockchain. Xaya is not using Ethereum or Flow for this, but its own community-powered blockchain solution.

Players can install the full game include node options, or can opt for a lite version. It seems obvious that the mobile version will be based on this lite version. The game launched in open beta in November last year.

What is Soccer Manager Elite?

Soccer Manager Elite is running on the Xaya blockchain, which is fast and cheap to use. However, literally the entire is game is running on the blockchain. This makes sure that nobody can cheat as every move and transaction is verified by the blockchain.

You are not a player in this game, but either a shareholder in a club, a team manager or a player agent. Managers become more wanted as they book success, while players agents will make more money when their players transfer to a big club. At the same time shareholders will want long term success for their club, giving everybody the incentive to acquire bring the best of the best together.

You buy and sell players in the transfer market and negotiate with other managers. League matches are played twice per week and cup matches once. These matches are against other managers. And yes, every club is a decentralized autonomous organization. In addition the game has its own built-in decentralized exchange, and the money system is basically decentralized finance.

As a shareholder you can buy and sell shares in any club. Therefore you have voting rights on how it is run, such as hiring and firing the manager. As a manager you need the backing of the club’s shareholders. This is done by for example buying the right players, making profits and success on the pitch. This will all help to increase the value of a club and in turn reward the shareholders.

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