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How to Join Conquest.eth Alpha Test

conquest gameplay screenshot alpha test

During the month of December various games will have an alpha play test, and Conquest.eth is among them. On Tuesday, December 7th Conquest.eth will open its alpha play test and you can join. If you’re interested in complete on-chain gaming, then this is a game to watch.

Many games in the blockchain space have ownership over game assets stored on the blockchain, as NFTs. In addition plenty of them have an in-game token as well. However, having your game rules on the blockchain is something that not many have tried yet. To that extend Conquest.eth is pioneering, just like Xaya and Autonomous Worlds.

This second alpha of Conquest.eth will introduce new gameplay mechanics, will the team is open for sponsored planets where third-party projects can leave rewards. Players can now also form alliances, sending spaceships freely to each other, while players they can also hire an agent to control their fleet while they’re AFK.

During the alpha there will be $5000 in token rewards. Interested in learning more details on how to play Conquest.eth? They’ve set up a documentation website here.

How do you join the Conquest.eth alpha?

  1. Join their Discord
  2. When the alpha starts on December 7th, 10am UTC, send a DM to the Etherplay Discord Bot. It will reply with a claim link.
  3. Click the link from the bot (do NOT click other spam links in your DMs!)
  4. You will get all you will need: tokens and Goerli testnet ETH.

If you only want to watch the progress of the Conquest.eth players in the alpha, you can do that here.

What is Conquest.eth?

In Conquest.eth the universe is always expanding as more players join the game world. Players acquire planets, and need to do their best to acquire more of them. Not only do players need to create a war machine, diplomacy seems to be a valid option as well. Conquest uses a gigantic scale, which means that travelling can actually take days.

Players need to deposit a stake to produce spaceships, which are required to attack others. This stake is stored on your own planet. When other players capture your planet, they can then exit and claim your stake. The exit time is three days, and during this time the planet continues to produce ships. However, they can’t attack. Each of the planets have different stats, for example attack, defense, speed, production, stake amount and population.

Conquest.eth is an on-chain game. On-chain games are persistent and can function without the need of servers of other centralized authorities. All the user needs is a graphical interface, while all the game rules are stored on the blockchain. As a result the rules are always provably fair. Players only need to download a game interface, or perhaps just go to a website to get started.

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