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Genies NFT Marketplace Launching This Summer

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Dapper Labs will launch its second major product on the Flow blockchain this summer, and that will be the Genies NFT Marketplace. This NFT Marketplace is meant for digital wearables that are either distributed by Genies themselves, or in partnership with celebrities and content creators.

Genies is a project that’s all about personal avatars in the metaverse. They started as a project aimed at celebrities only, but they are now scaling up to allow everybody to make their own Genies character. Every Genie comes with a starter pack of clothing. But you don’t want to be basic, so you need to get some cool wearables.

From the Genies Marketplace users can buy exclusive wearables from famous people and brands. These wearables are NFTs. That makes them limited in supply, and potentially rare. This marketplace will launch this summer. However, you can already visit the Drop Shop.

Every week Dapper Labs is selling new Genie wearables in the Drop Shop. These aren’t minted as NFTs, so you can’t trade them. However, each drop is available for a limit time and in a limited quantity. Drop Shop is available on iOS and Android devices.

What are Genies?

Genies exists one the edge between virtual and physical realities. This allows celebrities and other people to create a digital character that represents them online in the metaverse. These virtual representations can take on jobs that don’t require the actual individual to do anything on location. Last year Justin Bieber already used his Genies avatar to announce the launch of his Christmas album on Amazon Music, while we’ve also seen Rihanna.

However, Genies aren’t only for famous people. They are for everyone. Genies is using the Flow blockchain to give users ownership over avatars and digital fashion. Projects like Genies are likely to find a bigger audience in the years to come. With the rise of virtual worlds, having an online personality is becoming more important every day. Everybody can be an influencer, but influencers do need to look good when they walk around in the virtual world.

Genies isn’t the only project tackling this problem. Crypto Avatars is doing something similar, as they are working on creating open standards for visual representation of individuals in the metaverse. They recognize that people don’t just want to be a character, they want this character to be an extension of the image they want to portray in a particular virtual world. Digital identity is more than just an avatar!

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