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Drakons Introduces In-Game Currency Drakoin

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The digital collectible and battle game Drakons has launched its own in-game currency Drakoin. Gamers can use the utility token to for example buy food for their dragons. They will also be able to swap their old gems, for the new DRK tokens.

After logging into the Drakons dashboard, players are able to swap their gems for Drakoin (DRK). Players can use DRK to buy for example jewels, gold, silver, but also different types of fish and birds. Food provides a boost to the drakons.

Drakons introducing their own in-game cryptocurrency seems to be a smart move. The currency is already available on the Uniswap exchange. The social media channels of the game are being flooded with players. The originally launched at the beginning of this year.

What is Drakons?

Drakons is a web-based collectible strategy game in which players need to acquire some digital dragons and make them fight in an arena. The battle is resolved automatically, but players get to decide which moves their dragon does and in which order. Their are different attacks, defensive actions or spells to embrace, and when these drakons level up they will unlock new powers as well.

Each of the drakons has three different stats: agility, strength and intelligence. This influences their effectiveness in for example dodging, physical attacks and spell casting. In addition drakons can from different classes, like for example water, earth and more recently introduced: metal.

Every game its own currency

Drakons isn’t the only game using their own currency. There are all kinds of games out there that are building their own utility or governance token. Earlier this week Axie Infinity launched AXS on Binance, The Sandbox has their SAND tokens, while the newly launched open beta for Soccer Manager Elite uses SMC.

Even though each of these games uses their own currency, the economies are all tied together thanks to blockchain technology. Profits from one game can be exchanged for other currencies, and then invested into a new project. This is the type of financial freedom that’s not yet possible with old school modern games. True next generation gaming is not ray tracing and 4K 120 fps, but gamer empowerment through true ownership.

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