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Strategy Game Hexarchia Offers Board Game Experience

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Hexarchia is a newly announced strategy game inspired by chess and other strategic board games. It offers simultaneous turn-based gameplay on a hexagonal game board. Players will fight to take other players’ warlords. The last player with their warlord wins.

Players will choose a civilization and battle each other on a game board designed for conflict. Three civilizations will be available in the upcoming alpha release: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, and Medieval Japan. Every civilization has pros and cons that will be released at a future date.

The game begins with players arranging their soldiers and warlord on the game board. At present, it appears as though all troops are simply called “simple troops,” and all possess the same characteristics. 

Each round has two phases: the strategic phase and the execution phase. In the strategic phase, all players will issue commands to their troops and warlords at the same time. You won’t know what other players are doing, so part of the game is figuring out what the enemy will do. In the execution phase, all moves are executed at the same time.

Important Warlord NFTs

Troops and warlords have two stats: attack and health. As you might guess, when the health reaches zero, the unit dies. Instead of issuing a movement command to a troop during your turn, you can also give them a power-up. Power-ups boost attack, health, or balance them. The Warlord is the most important one, as that one needs to stay alive.

Warlords will be NFTs living on the Polygon blockchain. Not much has been announced about the specifics of the warlord NFTs, but we can assume there will be a rarity system. Items, which you can earn by winning battles, will also be represented as NFTs. 

Hexarchia is currently in development. The alpha release date will be announced shortly, allowing for some players to get started. You can read more Hexarchia on their Medium post. The game will launch as a free-to-play title, and will offer a separate play-to-earn mode where you can earn crypto tokens.

What is Hexarchia?

Hexarchia is a chess-inspired blockchain game that pits players against each other on a digital game board. Warlords, which are NFTs, must be protected at all costs. The last player with a living Warlord wins the game.

Hexarchia is currently in development and there has not been a release date announced. It’s an interesting project that blends turn-based strategy games with blockchain technology in a way that we hope will create an addicting play-to-earn experience.

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