Today Metalympics Will Begin with Obstacle Course

playtoearn metalympics

Today the Metalympics, the biggest sports event in the metaverse, will begin with the first of its weekly competitions. For the next three months enthusiasts and elite athletes will compete in a variety of games and challenges, but only the best will be able to take home gold and claim eternal glory.

Every Thursday after the WIP Meetup, the Metalympics will have a new challenge for competitors, athletes and keyboard warriors. The Metalympics will begin today at 8 PM UTC people with a battle on the Avastars Arena Obstacle Course over 200 dollars worth of DAI. We believe only the best should win. However, everybody wins something according to the organization.

In the following three months, until February 4th 2021, combatants will battling in a variety of gaming environments. WhaleShark has sponsored a WhaleShark-themed maze, while sponsors and partners like Battle Racers, The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and Blocklete Games will provide other challenges in the near future.

Play to Earn and the Metalympics

Play to Earn is the official media partner for the Metalympics, providing fun, informative and thought-provoking commentary on the events that are about to commence. We will keep an eye on all the sports activities and the things that are happening in the player village. Is there any under-the-counter sales happening of illegal substances? Are those sports shoes in the official shop actually enhancing player performances? Who is dating who? And which competitors are taking this competition way too serious? Play to Earn will find out!

If you want to check out my commentary booth at the Avastars Arena, feel free to drop by! The view isn’t perfect, but I’ve got great chairs and some free coffee. I’ll ask the coffee lady to bring some extra cookies. It will be fun laughing at…. eh… commentating the competitors taking on the obstacle course.

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