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Soccer Manager Elite Launches Open Beta

Soccer Manager SM Elite header artwork

Xaya is launching the open beta for their blockchain-powered sports management game Soccer Manager Elite. Gamers will be able to play for get some free SMC tokens to play the game for free, while also earning money from their own in-game success. The game is scheduled for a full release in 2021.

Soccer Manager Elite is running on the Xaya blockchain, which is fast and cheap to use. However, literally the entire is game is running on the blockchain. This makes sure that nobody can cheat as every move and transaction is verified by the blockchain.

You are not a player in this game, but either a shareholder in a club, a team manager or a player agent. Managers become more wanted as they book success, while players agents will make more money when their players transfer to a big club. At the same time shareholders will want long term success for their club, giving everybody the incentive to acquire bring the best of the best together.

So yes, every club is a decentralized autonomous organization. In addition the game has its own built-in decentralized exchange, and the money system is basically decentralized finance.

What is Soccer Manager Elite?

You want to get a quick introduction into Soccer Manager Elite? Keep an eye on the Play to Earn Game Festival and visit on Thursday November 5th, Monday November 9th or Wednesday November 11th to join the raffle for a 1 percent share into a major club.

You buy and sell players in the transfer market and negotiate with other managers. League matches are played twice per week and cup matches once. These matches are against other managers. You can also take on different roles to that of a traditional football manager. You can become a shareholder or an agent.

As a shareholder you can buy and sell shares in any club. Therefore you have voting rights on how it is run, such as hiring and firing the manager. As a manager you need the backing of the club’s shareholders. This is done by for example buying the right players, making profits and success on the pitch. This will all help to increase the value of a club and in turn reward the shareholders.

As an agent you can buy and sell shares in any player and have a say on their future. You will receive a percentage of a players wage and therefore it is in your interest to negotiate the best possible contract for them and also veto any transfer you don’t think will be beneficial to their career. More details about gameplay can be found here.

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