Mini Royale is a free to play, web3 enabled, browser-based, FPS game built on the Solana blockchain. It features a seasonal, battle pass system, NFTs that can level up, guild wars, and a growing number of other features.

Mini Royale includes play to earn / play and earn opportunities with NFTs that players can earn, level up, and then mint into NFTs.

With an official title of Mini Royale Nations, Mini Royale plans to build out strategic, land-based gameplay as an addition to the current offerings.

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  • Mini Royale: Nations Launches Season 5

    Mini-Royale launches into Season 5 of their browser-based FPS with a new clan wars format, new heroes, new weapons, new missions, a new battle pass, and even a new map editor! With the nautical theme of Pirate Booty, expect to see some interesting hero and weapon skins this season! Avast matey! It’s time to start […]
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  • Create and Earn with Mini-Royale

    Mini-Royale brings a new create and earn system to their user base. You don’t even need to be a player. Anyone with the eye and skill to create cool, custom skins can earn money by selling them in-game! It’s the time for modders in Mini-Royale as they open up a new create and earn system. […]
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  • Mini-Royale Partners with Audius for In-Game Music

    Web3 gaming and music come together in a partnership between Mini-Royale and Audius. Mini-Royale players can now listen to music streamed from Audius, a decentralized music streaming platform, while in-game! Mini-Royale and Audius team up to create a cross-app, cross-chain collaboration. Streaming music and web3 gaming meetup as players can now stream tracks from the […]
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  • Mini-Royale Opens Public Alpha for Faraway Land

    Gaming ecosystems are growing increasingly common in the world of web3 development. And one of the latest to expand is Mini-Royale, which introduces us to the first public alpha of Faraway Land, a town-building game that offers players the ability to craft NFTs for Mini-Royale! Mini-Royale, a Solana-based, play-in-your-browser FPS, recently opened up a public […]
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  • Mini-Royale Introduces Gear and Power Level

    Mini-Royale brings a new facet to their web-based FPS, Gear. Players can now create and equip various Gear NFTs to provide extra bonuses and stats to their Heroes! Mini-Royale launched their latest season in early December, and now bring us a new gear system for Hero skins. Equipping Gear adds permanent bonuses to that Hero […]
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  • Mini-Royale Blasts Into Season 3

    Mini-Royale launches into Season 3 with improved graphics, a new battle pass, the introduction of Clan Wars, and the addition of the Fusion Lab. This Solana-based FPS is rapidly adding features and expanding their play and earn economy. Mini-Royale used to feel like the little FPS that could. It was simple, with pixelated graphics. But […]
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  • Mini Royale Launches Themed NFTs with Sank Toys

    The latest NFT release from Mini Royale, a nautical-themed selection of costumes and items, was designed in partnership with Sank Toys, a real-life collectible creator. With only 3,888 items up for grabs, this collection quickly sold out. And with special airdrops, as well as access to an exclusive event that offers limited edition Sank Loot […]
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  • Earn and Mint NFTs in Mini Royale: Nations

    Mini Royale: Nations, the free, browser based FPS on the Solana blockchain, adds new play to earn potential to the game with the ability to mint NFTs. Players who level up their battlepass have the option of minting certain items and then trading them on secondary markets. With this addition, Mini-Royal joins a small, but […]
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  • Mini Royale Nations Video Review

    We had Mini Royale Nations in our radar for quite a while now and we felt that the project was not getting the exposure it deserved. This free-to-play, browser based FPS powered by Solana is really fun to play and has a solid community behind it and many development are still to come. Have a […]
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