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Mini-Royale Opens Public Alpha for Faraway Land

Faraway Land alpha banner

Gaming ecosystems are growing increasingly common in the world of web3 development. And one of the latest to expand is Mini-Royale, which introduces us to the first public alpha of Faraway Land, a town-building game that offers players the ability to craft NFTs for Mini-Royale!

Mini-Royale, a Solana-based, play-in-your-browser FPS, recently opened up a public alpha for Faraway Land, a town building, product making game where players will be able to craft Gear NFTs for use in the Mini-Royale game!

Apparently, this is NOT the official land gameplay for Mini-Royale. It is instead a different, cross-project game.

Faraway Land alpha screenshot
Faraway Land alpha screenshot

What is Faraway Land?

Faraway Land is a town building game similar to Town Star. Players construct buildings, make products, sell them, and buy and upgrade more buildings to create increasingly complex products. The higher level the building or product, the longer it takes to complete. Players can speed up production by spending BUTTER, a token reward from Mini-Royale. BUTTER is also used to open up new production spots in buildings.

The town will need people and power as well, so players must also construct housing, and power supplies such as solar panels and wind turbines. Some buildings are gated by population or player level. When players run out of room for their town, they can clear areas for further construction. They can also sell goods via a delivery system. However, this a quest sort of feature where players can only sell goods that are requested in the black market.

Players gain experience as they construct new buildings and complete products. Higher levels open up more building options. Players receive rewards at each level in the form of Cash and in-game goods. They can also receive Blueprints, which will be needed to make the Factories to construct Gear items. The game requires 12 duplicate blueprints in order to construct a Factory. Factories produce Gear which players can later mint into NFTs through Mini-Royale.

Each town can only have one Factory, so choose wisely!

blueprint collection in Faraway Land
blueprint collection in Faraway Land

Faraway Land Alpha

Since this an early alpha test, expect everything to be wiped at least once and many changes to be introduced into the game. But be warned! Any and all BUTTER tokens spent in this alpha will be taken from your wallet and not refunded! So you might want to think twice before you open those extra slots or pay for a rush completion.

The game is still in its early development stages. More features and polish will be introduced as development progresses. Faraway Land uses the same login credentials as Mini-Royale. So you don’t need to reset your password when trying to join the game like I did.

Also, as a reward to testers, the Mini-Royale team will take a snapshot of the game’s players on February 28th. All players who reached level 24 or higher in Faraway Land will be entered in a raffle to potentially win 250 Shards for Mini-Royale.

The game is pretty standard for its type. But it was fun to play and is easily something you can have open in a separate browser window while you’re doing other things. Players can access the game at and read the official (though not completely up to date), documentation here.

Farway Land gameplay screenshot
grow your town in Faraway Land
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