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Mini-Royale Introduces Gear and Power Level

Mini-Royale gear banner

Mini-Royale brings a new facet to their web-based FPS, Gear. Players can now create and equip various Gear NFTs to provide extra bonuses and stats to their Heroes!

Mini-Royale launched their latest season in early December, and now bring us a new gear system for Hero skins. Equipping Gear adds permanent bonuses to that Hero NFT!

Players can attach Gear items to a Hero Skin, as long as the Hero exists as an NFT. Players can mint Hero Skins they acquire in-game if they are at least level 20, and the item is level 10 or higher. Then the player pays a fee of 0.8 SOL (plus transaction costs) to mint the item.

Gear in Mini-Royale
Gear in Mini-Royale

Gear in Mini-Royale

Players have six Gear types available — Rings, Necklaces, Watches, Bracelets, Perfume, and Belts. Each Hero has one open slot per Gear type.

Players can either buy Gear from Magic Eden, or create it through Fusion contracts. Fusion contracts require a player level of 44, and a Hero who was minted through the Fusion Lab. Players use the Fusion Lab to burn specific NFTs to create a new, limited edition item that usually offers a bonus in the current Clan War event.

Gear must be minted before it can be equipped,and can be minted as an NFT from level 1. Gear comes with Alignment and Allegiance stats. If the Gear has an alignment, it can only be worn by a Hero with the same alignment, or one who is flagged as ‘Morally Flexible’. Gear that matches the Allegiance of the Hero receives a stat bonus. Gear also comes in sets. Equip multiple items from the same set for extra bonuses.

If players wish to remove Gear from a Hero, they must pay a fee in Butter tokens. The fee ranges from 25 Butter for an uncommon gear item, all the way up to 250 Butter for a legendary item. Players can acquire Butter in-game by completing quests, gaining levels, and advancing their battle pass rank.

Equipping Gear also increases the Power Level of the Hero, which will have an effect when PvE mode is added.

equipping Gear
equipping Gear

Season 4

Mini-Royale is currently in Season 4, called Season of the Samurai. In addition to a new set of NFTs, a new Battle Pass, and a new map, season 4 also brought Character Shards to the game. Now, instead of giving away a whole character or weapon skin at once, Mini-Royale can dole it out to the players in little pieces at a time. This is an understandable decision to control NFT inflation in their game economy, but it still feels kind of crappy as a casual player that is going to end up with just a few shards of dozens of different items.

Season 4 also brings the addition of SOL rewards for the individual and Clan leaderboards. A portion of the funds spent buying special, limited edition Character Shard boxes will help boost the size of the reward pools. These new SOL rewards are in addition to the standard BUTTER and NFT rewards for Clan events.

Samurai themed NFT in the Fusion lab
Samurai themed NFT in the Fusion lab

Thoughts about Mini-Royale

Mini-Royale has built a complex and rather confusing series of boosts, staking, forging, fusing, enriching, battle passes, quests, contracts, levels, and some sort of psuedo-strategic guild war functionality that I still don’t completely understand.

And while technically, Mini-Royale is free to play and play to earn, actually reaching the earning point as a free to play player requires significant grind. Otherwise, you can invest some money, earn and mint new NFTs, and hopefully sell those to other players. Mini-Royale does have an NFT staking system, encouraging players to hold their NFTs off the markets, but as the number of NFTs in the game grows, this either becomes unsustainable, or they are forced to continue to diminish the value of the older weapon and character skins.

All of that being said, Mini-Royale is still a decent choice if you just want to hop on and start shooting. The game runs in a web browser and matches are generally pretty short. I love the ease of being able to jump into a quick game.

What is Mini-Royale?

Mini-Royale is a web-based FPS running on the Solana blockchain. It is free to play, though owners of Premium NFTs receive bonus points towards their Battle Pass ranking with every match. The game runs in a web browser and supports both random, and public games, as well as private matches.

Mini-Royale offers a couple of different game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Battle Royale, and Capture the Flag. Team size maxes out at five players, though you can also play with fewer. PvP matches are generally very quick and action-packed.

Players earn character experience, gain battle pass points, and level up their items by playing the game. Along the way, they also earn special weapons and avatar skins. Some of these can be minted to the blockchain as NFTs. Mini-Royale just celebrated their one year anniversary!

To learn more about Mini-Royale, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Mini-Royale Clan War interface
Mini-Royale Clan War interface
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