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Mini Royale: Nations Launches Season 5

Mini Royale Pirate Booty banner

Mini-Royale launches into Season 5 of their browser-based FPS with a new clan wars format, new heroes, new weapons, new missions, a new battle pass, and even a new map editor! With the nautical theme of Pirate Booty, expect to see some interesting hero and weapon skins this season!

Avast matey! It’s time to start earning nautical themed character and weapon skins with Pirate Booty, the latest seasonal content for Mini-Royale! You can jump right into Mini-Royale, the browser-based FPS, and start playing, no NFTs required. Though there are certain perks that come with owning items from the latest season.

Mini-Royale is free to play — no purchase required. But advancing through the battle pass is helped tremendously by owning and staking an NFT hero from the current season. Also, there are a number of missions that require owning a hero or weapon skin from the latest season.

Seasons in Mini-Royale revolve around owning and minting character and weapon skins from the latest release. These are created from Shards, which can be acquired in-game from battle pass and mission rewards, or purchased via a ‘Pirate Booty Drop‘. In this drop, players buy boxes which contain a random selection and rarity of Shards. Gather enough Shards of the same rarity and same hero and you can combine them into a usable game item that can also be minted into an NFT! For those who want to skip the assembly part, Heroes are available for purchase from other players on Magic Eden.

What else is new in Season 5?

Mini-Royale has also added a PvE, Campaign mode, as a way to introduce new players to the game. The Campaign mode gives players certain objectives to achieve when playing. Completing these objectives earns Star points, which unlock new objectives and chapters. Along the way players also earn Orbs and Shards.

In addition, a new map hits the game servers. Called Paradisa, this is the first map that was designed by someone outside of the Faraway team. Expect to see more maps in the near future as Mini-Royale plans to open up map-making to everyone!

Recently, Mini-Royale announced their creator program. This program allows players to create custom, 3D skins for the game and sell them to other players. A few weeks ago they made another creator based announcement. This time about maps. Partnering with a company called Hiber, Mini-Royale wants users to create their own maps with the Hiber 3D Editory and import them into the game. The Hiber3D editor already comes loaded with hundreds of objects and textures. It features a drag and drop building system, with the goal of making map creation accessible for everyone.

Faraway is working with Hiber to create a seamless import system that will allow players to create maps specifically for Mini Royale. Expect this functionality to become available sometime soon!

Season 5 battle pass
Season 5 battle pass

What is Mini-Royale?

Mini-Royale is a web-based FPS running on the Solana blockchain created by a company called Faraway. It is free to play, though owners of Premium NFTs receive bonus points towards their Battle Pass ranking with every match. The game runs in a web browser and supports both random, and public games, as well as private matches.

Mini-Royale offers a few different game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Battle Royale, and Capture the Flag. Team size maxes out at five players, though you can also play with fewer. PvP matches are generally quick and action-packed. Mini-Royale includes leaderboards and clan (guild) competitions.

Players earn character experience, gain battle pass points, and level up their items by playing the game. Along the way, they also earn special weapons and avatar skins. Some of these can be minted to the blockchain as NFTs once they’ve been leveled up. Mini-Royale currently only accepts the Phantom wallet for wallet connections. The team continually works on improving the gameplay as well as expanding and upgrading the game visuals and maps.

Mini-Royale recently added the ability for users to create and monetize their own avatar skins, and plans to add map creation to their set of user tools as well.

To learn more about Mini-Royale, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Paradisa, the newest map in Mini-Royale
Paradisa, the newest map in Mini-Royale
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