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Mini-Royale Partners with Audius for In-Game Music

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Web3 gaming and music come together in a partnership between Mini-Royale and Audius. Mini-Royale players can now listen to music streamed from Audius, a decentralized music streaming platform, while in-game!

Mini-Royale and Audius team up to create a cross-app, cross-chain collaboration. Streaming music and web3 gaming meetup as players can now stream tracks from the Audius platform via a built-in player on the Mini-Royale site!

It’s cool to see these partnerships develop as the web3 space starts to become more integrated. I can forsee a future where players are driving around a virtual world in their vehicle of choice, choosing from a selection of radio stations that are created by curators from around the world and streaming decentrally distributed music controlled and owned by the artists!

But for now, an integrated in-game player is a start! Users can access the player through the settings menu.

Audius player in Mini-Royale

What is Audius?

Audius is a decentralized, music streaming platform built on Ethereum and Solana. It featuries distributed nodes run by users, with artist controlled musical tracks. New users to the platform can earn a few tokens by completing basic tasks such as completing their profile and creating playlists. Audius also gives out weekly rewards to the top trending playlists and tracks. In addition, listeners can use AUDIO tokens to directly tip their favorite artists.

Audius includes its own token, AUDIO which can be staked to access extra services on the platform and by node operators to run the Audius protocol. Any staked AUDIO token also receives governance votes.

Audius just recently added a TikTok integration allowing users to embed songs from Audius into the videos. Users can access Audius through their webpage or via apps available for iOS and Android devices. With thousands of daily users and a potential token listing on Coinbase, Audius is poised to become more than just a niche market.

To learn more about Audius, follow them on Twitter and visit their website.

What is Mini-Royale?

Mini-Royale is a web-based FPS running on the Solana blockchain. It is free to play, though owners of Premium NFTs receive bonus points towards their Battle Pass ranking with every match. The game runs in a web browser and supports both random, and public games, as well as private matches.

Mini-Royale offers a couple of different game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Battle Royale, and Capture the Flag. Team size maxes out at five players, though you can also play with fewer. PvP matches are generally quick and action-packed.

Players earn character experience, gain battle pass points, and level up their items by playing the game. Along the way, they also earn special weapons and avatar skins. Some of these can be minted to the blockchain as NFTs. Mini-Royale currently only accepts the Phantom wallet for wallet connections.

To learn more about Mini-Royale, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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