Top NFT Collections and Games this Week – August 13th

top play-to-earn games

DeGods announces season III , the use of Soubound tokens are on the rise, and gaming distribution platforms continue to make it easier for players to find, manage, and play their games! Let’s a take a look at this week’s news and charts for NFT collections and web3 games!

While we still wait for that bull run, progress and development continue in the blockchain world. PFP collections are maturing into something more than just pretty pictures. Versatility, utility, and fungibility are the new mottos. And while this year has been full of alphas and betas, we’re still waiting for more high-quality games to break through the release barrier.

The popularity of Soulbound tokens continues to grow. This week Wilcard opened their Wildfile mint, while MetalCore is planning something similar later this month. With an account bound token that can track social and game activity, these tokens provide verifiable identity on the blockchain. Perhaps the implementation of the ERC-6551 standard is helping to push this idea to the front.

In other gaming news, we have an announcement from Gala Games and Epic Games who are forming a partnership to make the Gala portfolio available through the Epic Games launcher. And a newer entry, HyperPlay, is working on making web gaming a seamless process for all gamers.

We also have a new beta from Phantom Galaxies, a new marketplace for Voxie Tactics, the first open beta for Genesis League Sports, and more!

Read on for a look at the most active web3 games and NFT projects for the week. And be sure to keep an eye on our website and Twitter feed for the latest developments in the web3 gaming space!

Top play-to-earn games by active users

GameActive Users 7 daysChange
1. Alien Worlds247.81k+4.20%
2. Sweat Economy203.23k-25.91%
3. Hippo Dash152.52k-22.72%
4. Farmers World141.33k+1.40%
5. Pandra War129.8k<NEW>
6. Carrom Blitz97k+0.76%
7. Untitled Platformer79.99k+341.64%
8. PlayEmber77.83k+0.87%
9. Splinterlands59.06k-21.39%
10. SuperWalk56.13k-0.19%
Source DappRadar

Once again we see that the top 10 web3 games have at least 50k active users per week. An upward trend that will only continue as the playerbase continues to grow. We also have some shakeups on the charts this week as Splinterlands drops to 9th place while Upland and Axie Infinity are pushed off of the charts entirely!

In their place we have Untitled Platformer, which just released a new mobile version. I guess retro gaming has a bigger audience than I realized! And our new entry this week, Pandra War, appears to be little more than a thinly disguised gambling game. So I will be very surprised if it maintains this sort of activity for any length of time.

Top 10 NFT collections by volume traded

CollectionVolume traded 7 daysVolume Change
1. DeGods$16.32M+341.16%
2. Bored Ape Yacht Club$9.31M-45.84%
3. Mutant Ape Yacht Club$8.1M-20.67%
4. Azuki$4.06M-44.17%
5. Gods Unchained$3.78M-34.69%
6. Milady Maker$3.23M+33.32%
7. Pudgy Penguins$2.34M-8.87%
8. CryptoPunks$2.34M-43.95%
9. Saints$1.79M<NEW>
10. Bored Ape Kennel Club$1.58M-21.1%
Source DappRadar

DeGods trading volume spikes them to the top of our charts as they announce Season III (starting today). Holder who ‘downgrade’ their PFPs to Season III will be able to earn points that can be exchanged for various prizes.

The downward trend continues in the overall NFT markets, with heavy decreases across the board aside from DeGods and Milady Maker. We also have a new entry on the NFT charts this week. Some project known as ‘Saints’, though I wasn’t able to find out any information on them. If they’re still on here next week, then I will dig a little deeper.

y00ts announced yet another migration, this time to the main Ethereum chain. They also saw a nice bump in trading activity, but not quite enough to put them on the charts this week.

Top announcements of the week

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