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Shop in the New Voxie Tactics Marketplace

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Quietly and steadily, Voxie Tactics continues to mature and grow. Their latest addition, an official Voxie Tactics marketplace will make it easier for players to trade character and equipment NFTs without having to resort to external sites and additional cryptocurrencies!

Launched at the beginning of August, the new Voxie Tactics marketplace brings the trading of game-related NFTs one step closer to the players. Everything can be done on the marketplace webpage, and you can use the VOXEL tokens that you earn in-game for purchases!

Voxie Tactics also has another big release on the horizon, a migration to the Unity engine! Not only will this bring a new look and feel to the game, but it will also herald a shakeup in the way rewards are calculated, encouraging smart gameplay, and also rewarding players for sticking it out through a match rather than quitting early when things start going poorly. Additionally, they have plans to tweak their ELO and rental systems, add a battle pass system, and kick a major marketing campaign into gear!

The Unity version should launch sometime this Fall.

More about the Voxie Tactics Marketplace

All purchases and bids on the official marketplace are made with VOXEL, the token for Voxie Tactics. Players can earn VOXEL tokens by playing matches, selling items they find, and renting items to other players. A market fee of 4% is taken from each trade, with 40% of these fees going back to the developers, and the remaining 60% used to replenish the reward pools.

All in all, though it seems basic at first glance, the Voxies marketplace is pretty full featured for a first launch. The Voxies marketplace includes a number of filter options and several sort options as well. They also support bids for items. Market participants can view their transaction history and items they have for sale through their profile.

The marketplace doesn’t support buying multiple items at once yet, nor does it have general activity history. But overall, it seems to be an excellent addition to the Voxie Tactics ecosystem!

a few of the items available in the Voxies marketplace
a few of the items available in the Voxies marketplace

What is Voxie Tactics?

Voxie Tactics is a free to play, voxel-style, turn-based, fantasy, strategic battle game where two players field teams of three characters in a battle to the death! These characters move, fight, and cast spells across a battlefield map in an attempt to destroy the opposing team. The game features 10 different character races and 20 unique classes, each with their own powers and abilities.

Voxie Tactics is free to play, with play to earn potential starting with your first PvP match! Not only do your earn VOXELS tokens from winning matches, but you can also find equipment NFTs. And if that NFT doesn’t fit your characters or playstyle, then you can sell it on the marketplace.

Voxie Tactics includes a Forge, letting players upgrade their equipment by burning various game items, and an NFT rental system. So players don’t need to own any NFTs to start playing and earning!

Voxie Tactics is currently rebuilding their game client in the Unity engine. Not only will this offer better graphics and performance, but building with Unity also opens up access to a number of third party SDK package and makes the game easily portable to a wide variety of platforms, including mobile!

To lean more about Voxie Tactics, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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