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Manage and Play Games Seamlessly with Hyperplay

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Another distribution platform for web3 games steps up to the plate as Hyperplay drops a new update to their launcher which already includes several dozen web3 games as well as native integration with crypto wallets! Manage and play games from HyperPlay, Epic Games, and GoG, all in one central location!

Choosing a web3 gaming distribution platform becomes a little more difficult as HyperPlay makes a case with a growing portfolio of games and integration with both MetaMask and Wallet Connect. And aside from the games available directly through the platform, HyperPlay also supports linking with accounts on both Epic Games and GoG. Players will then be able to install, play, and update any games from those platforms just by using Hyperplay!

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t seem to recognize already installed games from these other platforms, forcing you to re-install. Oddly, it did recognize another web3 game that was installed on its own. HyperPlay is still pretty new, so hopefully they will iron out these little issues soon.

HyperPlay also includes support for web3 wallets, allowing players to connect their wallets to the HyperPlay app, and them seamlessly use it in games launched from the platform. Additionally, it supports browser based games, throwing up a temporary browser window when you launch one of these games

see wallet info in HyperPlay
see wallet info in HyperPlay

More about HyperPlay

HyperPlay is free, and you can download it from the official site for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and even the SteamDeck! In addition, there are no fees taken by Hyperplay for game purchases or in-game transactions, which should make it attractive to both players and developers!

HyperPlay’s list of supported games includes Synergy of Serra, Mighty Action Heroes, Uldor’s Dread Arena, and Voxie Tactics, just to name a few. And as their portfolio grows, HyerpPlay will also increasingly become a place to find new games!

Promotional campaigns for HyperPlay have already begun. They are currently running a contest with Mighty Action Heroes that includes $3,000 USDC in prizes. But you can only gain points in this campaign by playing the game through HyperPlay. Expect to see more of these sort of events over the coming months.

To learn more about HyperPlay, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

a few of the games available on HyperPlay
a few of the games available on HyperPlay
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