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Phantom Galaxies Opens Beta – Cohort 3

Phantom Galaxies Beta - Cohort 3 banner

A new phase of the Phantom Galaxies beta dropped, bringing PvP, gear, and a new in-game currency! And though the Phantom Galaxies still isn’t completely open, you can now get access for under a dollar! Oficially known as Beta – Cohort 3, this phase should last for about a month.

Phantom Galaxies keeps things rolling this summer as they announce their latest beta release, titled Collectors of Glory. This is officially the third phase of their beta, and with it they open up the gates to wider audience.

Access to this beta release is open to holders of Avatar Mintpasses, Starfighter Mintpasses, or any amount of ASTRAFER tokens, as well as those with the the ‘Friends of Zorran’ and ‘Rulers of Worlds’ titles. ASTRAFER tokens currently cost about 50 cents (USD) each, and can be picked up on Quickswap on Polygon for cheap transaction fees. So anyone who wants access to this beta, it’s just a small token purchase away!

This phase of beta opened on August 6th and should last for about a month.

fighting in the PvP zone
fighting in the PvP zone

What’s new in Cohort 3?

This beta phase brings three main new features to Phantom Galaxies — PvP, an in-game only currency, and a Gear system!

The new in-game only currency called is called Starling. This will be used by the team to test various economic features. It will not carryover out of the Beta, and hoarding it in-game wont earn any rewards. However, you will be able to use Starling to purchase and upgrade your Gear.

The introduction of the Gear system allows players to outfit and customize their Mechs / Ships with a variety of upgrades. This is just the first step of a more comprehensive player progression system.

And, perhaps the most exciting part for those Pilots tired of fighting pirates, Phantom Galaxies adds PvP! Players can reach the PvP area by using the red Hyperbridge in the starting Asterion system. So it’s available to jump into right away if you’d like.

In addition, the Phantom Galaxies team has said that they plan on creating and distributing Proof of Attendance (POA) NFTs for beta participants. This would include separate badges for each section of the beta, and apply retroactively for the previous beta phases.

Unfortunately, Phantom Galaxies doesn’t seem to include any sort of patch system. So you have to install the new launcher and re-download the entire 16 gigs of the game. You can start on that download here.

purchase and upgrade weapons and gear
purchase and upgrade weapons and gear

What is Phantom Galaxies?

Phantom Galaxies is story-based, FPS, MMORPG set in a future of space travel and planet colonization. Players follow the storyline quests, fight pirates, and upgrade their character and starships along the way. The game features high-quality graphics and features starship piloting and fighting, as well as walkable, 3D space stations where most of the NPC interactions occur.

Players will own their own Starfighters in the form on NFTs. Other equipment and fusion NFTs will be used to upgrade the fighters. Phantom Galaxies is currently in open beta. They recently added a bounty system, daily and weekly quests were players can earn experience and Credits.

The Phantom Galaxies team has plans for many other features, including arena PvP, PvE raids, crafting, and even potential permanent loss of Starfighter NFTs (in certain zones)!

To learn more about Phantom Galaxies, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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