Top Play-to-Earn and NFT Games of the Week – August 7

The battle for the most played crypto game continues between Splinterlands and Alien Worlds and the NFT market is heating up a bit. Let’s dive into the data and see which are the top blockchain games and the top NFT collections for this first week of August.

Top play-to-earn games by active users

GameActive Users 7 daysChange
1. Splinterlands 291k+6%
2. Alien Worlds277k-26%
3. Axie Infinity144k-8%
4. Upland116k+1%
5. Solitaire Blitz90k-14%
6. Gameta80k+7%
7. Sunflower Land49k-6%
8. Era 7: Game of Truth41k-2%
9. PlayMining38k-0.3%
10. Mining Network34k+100%

The battle for the top spot continues between Splinterlands and Alien Worlds, and this week, Splinterlands takes back its crown. Axie Infinity remains in third place, and Farmers World is pushed out of the top 10. Solitaire Blitz keeps a large user base, despite suffering for a 14% decrease. The casual mobile gaming platform Gameta is still performing well and confirms that this niche can keep growing as more platforms are created and more mobile game developers start integrating blockchain in their games.

Top 10 NFT collections

CollectionVolume traded 7 daysChangeFloor Price
1. Bored Ape Yacht Club$9.43M+18%$143k
2. Crypto Punks$9.18M+111%$126.9k
3. Webaverse Genesis Pass$4.81M+100%n/a
4. Mutant Ape Yacht Club$4.74M-21%$28.74k
5. Moonbirds$4.7M+32%$29.3k
6. Otherdeed for Otherside$4.1M-17%$3.8k
7. The Potatoz$3.15M-34%$2.45k
8. Art Blocks$3.13M+12.4%$1.16k
9. Nina’s Super Cool World$2.61M+276%$1.84k
10. Bored Ape Kennel Club$2.6M+143%$15.83k
Source DappRadar

The blue chip NFT market is finally heating up a bit and we are seeing some nice price actions for these projects. The newly-released Webaverse Genesis Passes are flying high, a good sign for the whole metaverse gaming space.

Top announcements of the week

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