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Genesis League Goals Kicks Into Open Beta

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Genesis League Sports, an offshoot of Splinterlands, recently opened up a beta test for Genesis League Goals, giving players a first chance to play this tactical and strategic, football (soccer) simulation game!

The first game from Genesis League Sports, a gaming company created by Splinterlands, launches into beta. Genesis League Goals (formerly Genesis League Soccer) is the first of a planned suite of sports related card games and is now in open beta, though you do need to first purchase a Franchise License for $10. This License provides permanent access to the game, much like the Spellbook in Splinterlands.

Once you have a license, you can purchase packs and begin playing. I don’t think there are any free to play options. At least not yet.

a Coach and a Player card from Genesis League Goals
a Coach and a Player card from Genesis League Goals

What is Genesis League Goals?

Genesis League Goals is a football (soccer) management game where players assemble their teams and then face off against other players in a quick match. It is kind of a combination TCG and strategy game.

The game offers two card types, Coaches and Players. Coaches come with a special ability that provides a boost to their team. Player cards come with several ratings — Passing, Shooting, Dribbling, Intercepting, Blocking, and Tackling.

Players can have Skills attached to them. Once attached to a player, a Skill cannot be removed. Skills provide some sort of limited use, in-game abilities. Cards unlock skill slots by combining and leveling, similar to the Splinterlands system. But unlike Splinterlands, cards must first gain XP by playing matches before they can level up.

The main strategy for Genesis League Goals comes from selecting a team and providing skills to the players. Coaches also have bonuses they provide the team, and can level up as well, opening up additional formations in future versions.

Genesis League Sports already offers their own marketplace so you can try and find the right players for your team playstyle.

What is Genesis League Sports?

Genesis League Sports is a blockchain-based, play-to-earn, gaming system designed for sports-related apps created in partnership with the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA).

This gaming ecosystem will run on the Hive blockchain. Genesis League Sports will have their own validator nodes. These licenses allow anyone to participate in maintaining the ecosystem in return for token rewards. GLS wants to include different game modes for their sports projects. This could include manager games, where players create their NFT lineups and submit them for results. It could also include fantasy and prediction brackets, with the outcomes based on the productivity of the real-life players.

All the games on the Genesis League Sports system will include play to earn opportunities. This is done via a rewards shares system. This sort of system is being adopted by more blockchain games as a way to spread wealth while also rewarding those who play the most and win the most. Basically, every win during a period (usually a day) earns reward shares. At the end of the day, everyone receives a percentage of the rewards pool based on what percentage of the total reward shares they earned that day. Rewards shares can also sometimes be affected by the types of NFTs used, amount of tokens staked, guild membership, etc.

To learn more about Genesis League Sports, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Genesis League Goals players in market
players on the market in Genesis League Goals
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