Last Chance for Skyborne Legacy Free Mint

Skyborne Legacy banner

A free mint from Skyborne Legacy is coming up soon, but the window for landing a whitelist spot is closing fast! This mint for limited edition, special Gems and characters, has gained quite a bit of attention, and will likely be snatched up quickly.

The Skyborne Legacy mint is free, but you need a whitelist spot first. We’re a little late joining in on this party, so there aren’t too many options left. It may be possible to secure a whitelist spot through their Discord or a partner project, but the only opportunity left that I know of is via this Tweet. Like, re-tweet, and tag some friends for a chance to win, though there is a lot of competition!

This event is also notable as the first free mint held on Open Sea. But perhaps there is so much interest is due to the fact that it’s actually a free mint for four NFTs! Minting one of the 3,333 Nexian Gems will grant the minter three Genesis Immortal NFTs as well!

mint Gems and Immortals
mint Gems and Immortals all at once!

Mint Gems and Immortals

Nexian Gems could be considered the founder NFTs for Skyborne. Holders receive access to future whitelists and other special privileges. This collection also includes ten, 1-of-1 NFTs that will have a special game use.

Genesis Immortals are the top tier Heroes for Skyborne Legacy. Each Immortal comes with traits that will enhance their abilities and make them more powerful in game. We also have exclusive 1-of-1 Immortals as well — six to be exact. Each of these will have unique, bespoke artwork, animation, and legendary traits.

The mint opens on July 21st at 8am CDT.

What is Skyborne Legacy?

Skyborne Legacy is an MMORPG in development by Revolving Games, with funding from Animoca Brands.

Skyborne wants to build a franchise of games, with three phases already planned. The first phase will be Sky Genesis, a browser-based mini-game where player choices have an effect on the game world. Participants in Sky Genesis have the opportunity to earn collectible and rewards that can be transferred to the other games in the future. After that comes a mobile, fantasy adventure game called Phoenix Flight. And the third in the planned series will be Skyborne Legacy, a full-fledged MMORPG.

The team posts regular development updates on their Discord server.

To learn more about Skyborne Legacy, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

concept art for Skyborne
concept art for Skyborne
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