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Slay Undead in Dread Arena Inaugural Tournament

Dread Arena tournaments banner

The time has come to prove your worth in the Dread Arena as the Uldor team introduces their first official tournament! So sharpen your swords, hone your reflexes, and prepare to slaughter waves of undead in your quest to reach the top of the leaderboard!

Uldor announces the inaugural tournament for Dread Arena, their arena survival game that is a combination preview and testing ground for the combat system designed for their MMORPG. The Dread Arena is still in development, but very playable. It features several different characters, and allows players to choose an upgrade after each wave, allowing for some customization.

Dread Arena is free to play. No NFTs required. You can download and play the Dread Arena through the Elixir game launcher.

fight for glory and fame in the Dread Arena
fight for glory and fame in the Dread Arena

Awakening Tournament

This is the first tournament for Dread Arena. There is only a prize for first place, which is an Uldor Guardian NFT. But, in addition, all participants who can reach wave 5 (which is not too difficult), will receive a special Awakening Badge.

The tournament feature runs inside of the game. No need to connect to third party sites or visit a website to see the standings. Just click the tournament button and you’re taken to an in-app page with information about the tournament, a link to the leaderboard, and a play now button to jump in. And it even shows your current stats and rank!

The Uldor team already has a second tournament queued up for August called Devourer of Souls. And I would expect this to be an ongoing occurrence as they improve and add more features to the Dread Arena. In fact, players can already create their own tournaments in-game! The settings are limited, but tournament hosts can name their tournament, set a start and end date, and limit the number of attempts per player. Pretty cool to see this functionality already in place!

This update also brings several new backend additions, that will be important for the game going forward. This comes in the form of authentication, allowing player logins and account persistence, player progression, and tournament management. Account creation and login is all handled in-app, making onboarding an easy and simple task.

What is Dread Arena?

Dread Arena is an arena, survival game set in the fantasy world of Uldor. Players must fight against ever growing hordes of undead soldiers from the Dread King. After each wave defeated, players can choose an upgrade for their characters. This includes options such as new weapons, abilities, and enhanced stats. Those who can survive the longest will receive glory, and in the future, potential rewards as well.

The Dread Arena is meant to serve as both a testing ground for tech that will be used in the game, and a way to let players get a preview of a small slice of Uldor, a planned MMORPG style game. The Dread Arena is set in the world of Uldor.

To learn more about Uldor and the Dread Arena, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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