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Last Chance to Compete in Hunters On-Chain Tournament

Hunters On-Chain tournament banner

There is still a chance to earn a reward from the Hunters On-Chain tournament! Already a popular web2 game, Hunters is building out their blockchain version, including NFTs and game tokens. Join in their launch tournament for an opportunity to win prizes!

Time is short unfortunately. Less than 24 hours left in the Hunters On-Chain launch tournament! If you just want to jump right into it, you can play the game in your web browser at Fortunately, the prize pool is deep, with rewards for the top 10k players. It took maybe 20-30 minutes of playtime for me to crack the top 5k, so you’re not too late!

The tournament is free to play and enter. Players are given a large stash of coins and Hunter shards so they can try out and level up various Hunters. And there are a lot to choose from. Over 30, each with their own stats, attacks, and special abilities. Each one has an energy level that limits how often they can be used in matches, so you’ll need to play with several different Hunters to compete.

Hunters On-Chain tournament prizes
Hunters On-Chain tournament prizes

Players can earn a Common Hunter NFT, as well as a stack of BGEM tokens from participating in this tournament. These Hunters won’t have all of the bonuses as a Genesis Hunter, but it’s still a nice freebie for those new to the game.

The tournament ends at some unspecified time within the next 24 hours (by March 15th, 11am CST at the latest).

a few Hunters available
a few Hunters available

Hunters Gameplay

Hunters is a multiplayer, PvE contest. Each match features four players fighting monsters and leveling up. In the basic, Hunt game mode, the matches last for two minutes, with the top spot going to whoever has earned the most experience in that time, or whoever is the last survivor — whichever comes first. Each player starts the match at level 1 with full hit points. As they kill monsters and grab the stars that drop, players gain experience. Gain enough experience, and you level up, earning the right to choose a promotion. These promotions include standard power-ups such as increased damage, greater attack range, and more hit points, as well as special abilities like Damage Reflect and Demon Pact (sacrifice HP for more damage).

As the match goes on, the monsters spawned get tougher. So just trying to hide and survive the match isn’t really a viable tactic. Players need to actively get out on the battlefield and increase their levels. Monsters spawn in the corners of the map, though they will chase players all around. At the center lies a healing square that can be visited at any time.

The other game mdoe available for this tournament is Boss Hunt. The basics for this mode are the same, though players earn double experience. That’s because the ultimate goal of the match is to do as much damage as possible to the Boss Dragon who lives on the right side of the map. Players can go over and fight the Dragon from the start if they want, but it’s better to level up a bit first. Boss Hunts last for three and a half minutes, with ranking based on the amount of damage dealt to the Boss.

a Hunters On-Chain game in action
a Hunters On-Chain game in action

What is Hunters On-Chain?

Hunters is a browser-based, competitive PvE game (with a PvP mode in the works) built on the Polygon blockchain. A casual, action-based, fantasy adventure, Hunters On-Chain includes NFTs for Hunters and Artifacts, and two tokens, BGEM, and BOOM. BGEM is the in-game currency. And through it exists as a blockchain token, Boomland has no plans to list it on any exchanges or provide liquidity for the BGEM token. BOOM will be the governance token for the larger game ecosystem.

In Hunters, players can level up their Hunter NFTs with Shards, and permanently equip Artifacts which provide passive bonuses. Players earn BGEM tokens and ranking points by playing matches, with higher placements earning more rewards.

Hunters is made by a company called Boomland that plans to release a series of game with inter-operable assets, meaning that you can use the same NFTs in multiple games! This is an NFT feature that we really haven’t seen used very much, and I look forward to seeing how Boomland incorporates this into their games!

Hunters recently held a free mint for the first of their Genesis series of chests. Each Genesis chest holds one Hunter NFT and one Legendary artifact/ There will be a sale of additional Genesis chests sometime after the game launch.

To learn more about Boomland and Hunters on-Chain, you can visit the Boomland website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

gameplay modes for Hunters On-Chain
gameplay modes for Hunters On-Chain
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