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Free Mint for Last Remains Equipment

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The time is nearly upon us for the Equipment mint from Last Remains, and it’s free! Equipment in Last Remains is not only cosmetic, but also provides modifications to the character’s attribute, making finding and equipping the right items a valuable part of winning the game!

Last Remains, a in-development battle-royale set in a zombie-infested city, will be holding their free mint for Equipment items over the next few days (October 26th through the 28th, 2023). The mint will be on the Polygon chain.

Last Remains Free Equipment Mint

The mint begins on October 26th, with two rounds for those on the whitelist before we get to the public mint. The first round of whitelist is for those who purchased a Genesis Character Mint Pack back in May of 2023. This gives them the option of minting as many as eight equipment items per Genesis pack purchased! This is not an automatic airdrop though. Those on the list have to show up and claim their mints.

The second whitelist only holds 200 spots, given out to participants in various contests and quizzes. I believe those are all gone, but it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on their Twitter account and Discord server for potential opportunities. The mint for the second whitelist opens on October 27th.

After that, on October 28th, the public mint will open. It seems that the mint will be unlimited. though limited to one per wallet (aside from those on whitelist number one).

These equipment items will be usable in-game, and function as both a cosmetic and a stats booster, though items will come with a random selection of both positive and negative attributes. So players will be looking for items that have stats that fit their character and playstyle, encouraging a healthy secondary market for these equipment items.

It’s also important to note that the Equipment items from this mint are considered ‘normal’ items. These will wear out and eventually break. The Last Remains team plans to hold a mint for Genesis Equipment at a later date.

What is Last Remains?

Last Remains is a battle royale game set in a city infested with zombies. Players use stealth and cunning to navigate the 3D world without getting caught by the zombies or by other players!

Last Remains will include free to play characters, as well as character NFTs. Character NFTs are the way to open up the game’s battle pass and will cost $30 each. Interestingly, character NFTs are season based, and can only be played during one season. After that, they can be staked in a ‘Search and Rescue’ game for rewards.

However, there are also the Genesis Character NFTs. These are a limited supply collection of under 10k items, and act as lifetime battle passes for their owners as well as in-game skins.

Players will be able to earn items through the battle pass system, and for being on top of the leaderboards. There will likely be tournaments and other events as well.

To learn more about Last Remains, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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