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MegaWorld Opening Unit NFT Mint

MegaWorld Unit banner

On June 29th MegaWorld opens up the ability to mint Unit NFTs, paving the way for landlords in their virtual world. This also ties into the upcoming alpha phase introducing in-game quests for player characters.

MegaWorld introduced the ability to create custom buildings a few weeks ago. Now they prepare to launch the next phase, letting owners of custom buildings mint and tokenize Units, designated sections of a customized plot, as NFTs. Scheduled to open on June 29th, Unit minting heralds the beginning of a new era for MegaWorld. One in which avatars roam the world, completing quests, earning coins, and needing a place to sleep!

Mega World building customization
making a custom building in MegaWorld

What are Units?

Units in MegaWorld are an important part of custom buildings. Custom plots can have multiple Units on it defined by the builder, each of which can be minted as a separate NFT and sold or rented for other players! Potential uses include homes, businesses, storage, and crafting shops! Builders can even create multiple floors! Customizing isn’t free though. Builders need to spend a large number of resources to make plot customizations.

These Units can be used as in-game shops or destinations, but their most important feature involves the upcoming ‘MegaWorld Express Delivery’. This update will feature an integrated quest system for players to complete with their in-game avatars. In turn, finishing these quests gives the associated building a production boost. With all of thise work, character avatars will need a place to rest and recuperate, thus introducing the use case for Units as apartments.

plot customization in Mega World
plot customization in Mega World

What is MegaWorld?

MegaWorld is a virtual city and economic simulation resembling a modern city with streets, buildings, cars, etc. In this game, players can own Citizens, Pets, Land Plots, and even whole Districts. The basic game features players walking (or driving) around the city, completing tasks, and earning MEGA tokens. The game will be free to play, though completing certain tasks may require owning a Citizen NFT.

For those who wish to be more invested, plot ownership allows players to create a variety of buildings from homes, to offices, to factories. Players can even choose to create a custom building on their plot. Buildings earn income in various ways, though they also require upkeep and have a chance to be hit by natural disasters. Players create most of the in-game items, including new Citizens.

Mega World has built out a complex economy with three cities across three interconnected blockchains — Ethereum, Tron, and Binance Chain.

To learn more about MegaWorld, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

MegaWorld banner
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