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Introduction into MegaWorld Coming in November

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MegaCryptoPolis is getting ready to share another glimpse of the next step in their virtual world Mega World on November 2nd. They want to showcase the Mega World Intro. On Twitter they stated that their decentralized cities will soon become ‘a vast player-driven metaverse’.

Don’t expect this reveal on November 2nd to be the full version of Mega World, as the MegaCryptoPolis team plans to release the alpha somewhere in March, April or May 2022. However, until that happens they will release all kinds of smaller demos, giving players a peak into the future of their game world.

The announcement on Twitter by MegaCryptoPolis didn’t provide a whole lot of information for outsiders. However, Mega World will become the updated version of MegaCryptoPolis. Instead of being a business owner in a city, players will actually be able to walk around in the city. In Mega World players own characters, and each of those characters has a job, a life, a home, hobbies, and perhaps a dog to take on a walk.

Mega World will allow players to walk through shopping areas, buying NFT art from a local gallery. It will also allow players to host parties in their mansion, or simply enjoy the view from their rooftop condo. Mega World combines elements of The Sims with a real, player-driven economy. On November 2nd they will introduce the ‘Mega World Intro’, which will probably be one of the demos mentioned earlier.

Earlier they partnered with Rarible

Every player gets a small, free apartment inside the Main Tower. However, when players start earning money, they might be able to upgrade to a nice home somewhere inside the city. Maybe they can rent, maybe they will buy. That’s up to the market to decide.

Earlier this year MegaCryptoPolis partnered with Rarible to allow apartment owners to showcase their NFTs inside the virtual world. In addition players can create storefronts as a location to sell their digital art. The integration of Rarible NFTs will mean more customization options for home owners in the city building game.

The World upgrade will allow players to enter buildings using their Citizen avatars. Every players has their own apartment and can buy something bigger from the open marketplace. Players create furniture using in-game resources and services. The entire game economy uses NFTs and blockchain technology. It’s also the reason why the native governance MEGA token, backed by in-game resources, has value.

What is Megacryptopolis?

You could compare MegaCryptoPolis with a game like Simcity, however it also has elements from The Sims in it. Players can own houses, offices, and factories. Citizens need jobs, jobs need employees, factories produces resources, and so on. All these digital assets are important for the MegaCryptoPolis ecosystem.

In addition the team is planning to add interior apartments to the game. This would mean that player-owned characters would have their own home, which could be decorate with furniture and electronics. These will also be ERC-721 or TRC20 tokens, which in turn need to be produced by factories, requiring resources, workers, transport and so on.

Currently MegaCryptoPolis is only playable in a web browser, both on desktop and mobile. In addition the team is working on a standalone client, a mobile app, interoperability between Tron, Polygon and Ethereum and more unique buildings that players can design themselves using building blocks. The MEGA token is an important part of the ecosystem, and represent in-game resources and therefore have a certain value.

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