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Mega World Crafting and Customization

Mega World Customizeable Building banner

Mega World is still gearing to its expansion from MegaCryptopolis. After converting all of their Citizens to Avatars back in June, they now provide us with a little more information about customization and crafting. Mega World hopes to build a free to play, virtual world with meaningful production lines, missions for players, and customizeable buildings!

In its transition from Megacryptopolis, Mega World will offer free to play options. Players will not need to own land plots to participate. Instead, they can jump into the game with a free Citizen Avatar and perform daily missions for rewards! These missions will be available from most of the standard game buildings such as Office, Residential, Commercial, etc. Players walk inside the buildings to find the missions. And while basic buildings have default interiors, the owners will be able to customize a bit.

But for the Custom Building feature, Crafting is vital! Once Mega World goes live, plot owners will have the option of placing customizeable buildings on their plots rather than the standard buildings. Customized buildings don’t produce anything and don’t earn any income from the game. These are purely for the players to design, build, and create with. Inside a customizeable building are blocks, each of which can have its own access restrictions. So it could be an apartment building, a mall, a corporate office, or anything the players can imagine. And while the Blocks have windows and doors, you’ll probably want some decorations for the interiors! And that’s where crafting comes into play.

Mega World Crafting

Mega World breaks items into four categories — Loot, Consumables, Tools, and Objects. Loot encompasses random items that players find scattered around the map. These items are sometimes requested as part of a Mission, but they can also be combined to make better objects. Consumables are items such as food and drink. Use them to give your Avatar energy or a temporary stat boost. Tools are used for doing stuff and have limited lifespans.

Mega World Workbench
A Citizen crafting at a Workbench

But Objects are really the main goal. And though players may sometimes receive Objects as mission rewards, for the most part, they are crafted by players. In order to craft, players need a Workbench, resources, a Recipe, and a Citizen to do the crafting. Crafting takes time and consumes energy from the Citizen. And, of course, not all Workbenches are equal. The game starts with a basic Workbench in the main building, open to everyone. All other Workbenches must be player crafted, and then placed into a Customized Block before it can be used!

These advanced Workbenches are required for more complex item creation. And they each have a speciality, such as the Kitchen for food recipes, Wood working bench for furniture, Sewing Bench for clothes. You get the idea. Here is where players will make equippable items and clothing, as well as most of the in-game decorations for buildings. These Workbenches may also require certain skill levels to operate.

Initially, all items will be in-game only. But in some future release, players will have options for converting their items to tradeable NFTs. Presumably there will be an in-game market before then.

What is Mega World?

Originally known as MegaCryptoPolis, Mega World has set their sights higher than the multi-player, city management game they began as. Players own, construct, and improve houses, offices, and factories. Citizens work jobs, and factories produce resources, creating a basic, interconnected economy. The team is currently remaking the city into a virtual world, complete with 3D avatars, quests, and player-owned apartments that can be decorated. The game uses an internal wallet for most transactions. Mega World is playable in a web browser, desktop, or mobile. The game is available on both Polygon/Ethereum, and the Tron networks.

They recently released phase one of their new economy and converted Citizens into Avatars as they build up to the full release of their virtual world.

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