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Fableborn Closed Playtest Starts July 5th

Fableborne playtest banner

A new, closed playtest for Fableborne, a combination action RPG and base building game, arrives in early July. This playtest will only be open to a small group of players, but Fableborne has been irregularly holding these mini-tests for many months now, so even if you can’t get into this upcoming session there will likely be other opportunities in the future!

Hybrid games seem to be gaining some momentum in the web3 markets. One of those in development, Fableborne, will soon begin accepting registrations for their next playtest. This playtest will only be open to a small group of players — Discord moderators, Fableborne Creators, and a few selected community members. Registration for this playtest begins on June 28th on their Discord server.

This is actually the fourth playtest from Fableborne this year. Each one a weekend long or so and introducing new features and game mechanics. I expect these playtests to continue and grow longer. So if this seems like a game that you might be interested in, I recommend establishing yourself on their Discord server to open up opportunities to join future playtests!

The Fableborne team also asks that all playtesters fill out a short survey within three days after the closed playtest ends. Those who don’t won’t be invited to future closed playtests!

A number of new features arrive with this playtest. Fableborn now includes leaderboards for individuals and teams, a new game currency, full content rebalancing, and more!

a base raid in Fableborne
a base raid in Fableborne

What is Fableborn?

Fableborne is free to play, play to own game that is a blend of action RPG and base building. Featuring an isometric viewpoint, Fableborne allows players to take to the arena themselves in multiplayer, asynchronous combat.

In Fableborne, players scout for new and bigger islands, build and fortify their bases, and unlock and upgrade the Echoes of slumbering Heroes to raid other player’s islands for resources. Built as a mobile first game, Fableborn is meant to feature quick play sessions.

Players start the game with a basic island and a common Hero. But not all resources are available on the starting island, so players will need to raid other player’s bases, and defeat PvE encounters to build up their own base. Echoes are playable characters, with a variety of skill and talent unlocks to choose from when leveling up. But, every time an Echo is defeated, they begin to fade. Enough defeats and that Echo can no longer be used for raids. However, players have the option of resetting a faded Echo, bringing it back to life with full energy but removing all levels and talents. The rejuvenated Echo does get an ability boost to help them re-level up.

And while players will be able to purchase NFT heroes at some point in the near future, the Fableborne wants to build a ‘fair economy’ where every player has the potential to unlock and own new heroes. How this works has not yet been detailed. Fableborne will feature leaderboards and regular tournaments.

The first NFT mint for Fableborn should happen sometime this year.

To learn more about Fableborn, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.


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